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    Feedback on my boobs please

    Also, I'd love to hear your overall progress/journey. What size did you start at? What's your size now? What improvements have you noticed?
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    Feedback on my boobs please

    I'm also hoping to even mine out and I have read of several success stories on this forum, so I know it's possible! You can dedicate some time to pumping only on breast for a little while and see if that helps to even things out. And yes, massage is always a must! Also, you could try some chest...
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    starting today!

    So glad you're finding what works for you! And every little increase is so exciting! Congrats! (Also, this is LovelyAlways, not Moocow, but your other messages are from Moocow :-) Keep up the good work!
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    8lemon8’s progress thread

    Are you still noogling now? Really appreciate all your posts. I just started and have been encouraged by your journey!
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    Massage, encouragement, and my journey

    Now I've started only pumping one side at a time. The suction is better and I feel like I have better control of it that way. I also just read about how you can pump different areas of your chest, which seems obvious but somehow that didn't occur to me. I'm excited to try it out! I might try the...
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    Mi Journey with picturs

    Wow! Estoy muy orgullosa de ti! Que bonita. You really look amazing and I hope I can someday look as beautiful! Gracias por las fotos!
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    Lady's Progress

    Yes, laying down helps a lot! Glad you are taking breaks after 10 minutes, and make sure to massage when you're taking the break! Excited for you! But don't overdo it, be gentle on your body. Too much pressure can do some damage (I'm sure you've read plenty on this forum). Hope you get great...
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    Lady's Progress

    Best of luck! It would be a dream for me to even reach your starting size, lol! Keep us updated! Don't forgot to massage often and use oil or cream before and after pumping!
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    10 Month Update

    Hi hopeful! I'm new to NB and just found your post. I know you wrote this a while ago, but I would love to hear your progress! How's it going? I am also very tiny and really hope to gain some ( or hopefully lots!) of fullness! I wish you luck and please let us know your current progress of you...
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    Progress After Only a Few Weeks!

    Hi Nadia! Are your still noogling? What's your current progress? We have similar stories. I was always small chested, and then got event smaller after breastfeeding my kids. I also considered surgery, but so glad I found NB. I'm still totally new to this tho, so I'm really hoping it works. Best...
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    Where is everyone?

    Hi Moocow, Yeah, it doesn't seem like there's much conversation going on on here lately. I'm a little bummed about it because I'm just starting and I'm hoping to connect with more NB users. I know you posted this a few months ago, but how is your current progress? What size did you originally...
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    Growing pains?

    I've had some growing pains in my first week ( just started) . But yesterday my glands got really swollen and sore. Might be related to my cycle, sometimes I get slightly swollen glands normally, but this seems more than normal and much more sore, and I'm taking a break for another day. Has...
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    Massage, encouragement, and my journey

    Almost a week in now. Think I've got the hang of it. I usually only get a half hour here and there (a session in the morning, and then a session in the evening) and I'm doing 10:5 during my session. And lots of oil and massage. I think I'm actually noticing some small amount of swelling! Not...
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    starting today!

    Hi Kayla! How is your progress now? It sounds like you are very small like me. Can you tell us more? What does your routine look like? Do you massage? Are you using any other things (oils, creams, or supplements)? I just started NB this week. I hope all the best for you on your journey! Keep us...
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    Massage, encouragement, and my journey

    Hi Moocow! Thank you so much for your reply and the reminders, I really appreciate it! Yes, I'm still figuring out the right amount of pressure, and I have been using oil or cream while definitely helps! Thanks again for the encouragement!