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    My progress

    what beautiful nipples and breasts
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    Bovine Ovary

    Curious to know what experiences other members have had using BO
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    Bovine Ovary

    Thanks for the advice. Lyn xoxo
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    Male Breast enhancement

    What wonderful breasts. I am trying to get to your size; Take Care !! Lyn
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    Lyn's progress over 2 months

    The latest photos
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    Lyn's progress over 2 months

    Here are a couple of photos. The first 2 were taken 2 months ago.
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    Lyn's favorite bra

    These are my new cups. I will take some time to fill them. But I will update from time to time.
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    Lyn's favorite bra

    One of my favorites as it shows my nipples.
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    New before/after

    You have stunning breasts and beautiful nipples. Have you had any side effects takin BO and how long did it take before you saw an increase in breast size. Love to know
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    BAND AIDS LEAVE BROWN MARK & Pasties fall off :(

    You know there is nothing more sensual than large prominent nipples. The larger the better ;)
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    More than happy for you to join

    More than happy for you to join
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    Bovine Ovary

    I quick question. Does Bovine Ovary really work to enlarge the breasts and how long does it start to take to effect.
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    Sleep pumping

    Totally agree. You can really see the difference in the morning. Permanent too !
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    New before/after

    You do have great breasts and may I add great large nipples. Any side effects taking BO. also how long did it take to see larger breasts ?
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    My brown beauties stats

    Your breasts are really nice but your nipples are spectacular !! Love your areolas and nipple size. Wonderful.