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  1. Lyn234

    Lyn's progress over 2 months

    Here are a couple of photos. The first 2 were taken 2 months ago.
  2. Lyn234

    Lyn's favorite bra

    One of my favorites as it shows my nipples.
  3. Lyn234

    Bovine Ovary

    I quick question. Does Bovine Ovary really work to enlarge the breasts and how long does it start to take to effect.
  4. Lyn234

    Air lock Connector

    Hi Lucy, Did you get a chance to look at my previous thread. Kind Regards, Lyn234
  5. Lyn234

    Air Lock connector

    Hi Lucy It looks like I have a leak at the airlock connector on top of one of the contoured cups that is leaking around the rubber seal. I don't think the cup is cracked. Do you make a replacement air lock for the top of the cup ?? I can remove the original one and replace it, if they make a...
  6. Lyn234

    My personal Feelings

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to express my thanks to this forum. This site is so unique, to be able to share ones experiences and pictures with everyone. Ones hopes and dreams. Achievements and failures. Thank you so much Noogleberry. Kindest Lyn
  7. Lyn234

    Where to position the Breast Cups

    I would like to know where I should place the breast cups, so as to get my breasts to fold on the underside. I want my breasts to lie against the body instead of pointing outward. I would have thought that the nipples should be at the far the bottom of the cup as possible before pumping. Let me...
  8. Lyn234

    Nipple and Breast enlargement

    I am new to this so I will update tomorrow.