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    Red infrared light

    I’m noogling and massaging but I also got a red infrared pad recently. There’s many benefits of red light and it can also help build and repair tissue... I wonder if this could help build your breast tissue too? Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks!
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    When do you start seeing results

    Hi there! When do you normally start seeing results? I’ve had the noogleberry for a little over a month but sadly have had to take two 1 week breaks because I had red dots. I’m getting more the hang of what’s my limit though. Do you normally have to pump consistently for several months to see...
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    What is wrong with me?? please help

    So I noticed some red dots after an intense session on Sunday. Took a break and noogled for the first time today with my new soft pad rings that I got from Noogleberry. Not even kidding I pumped not even for 25 minutes and not that hard either and the red dots CAME BACK I’m at a lost. It’s...
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    Not swelling too much after sessions

    I’ve read or heard of people swelling a couple of sizes bigger After sessions and I’m just not having that. I’ve been noogling for about an hour or so several times a day. (Making sure it’s not too hard”) I do already have DDD/E but I’m trying to go up a few cup sizes bigger and have more tissue...
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    What is the Best schedule?

    I know it’s different for everyone, but I was wanting to ask what pumping schedule has helped y’all the best in growth? thank you!
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    Steam in my cups

    So I noogled this evening for about 45 minutes (made sure I didn’t do it too hard because I learned my lesson from doing it the first time last week) it looked like it had been steaming in my cups when I took them off. Is that bad? Thanks!
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    Help please

    So I just started 3 days ago and I should have. looked at this forum before I started . I guess I’ve been going too hard with my suction and didn’t realize the breasts turning purple should be avoided. But I did that 2 nights in a row for over an hour. And now I have red dots did I just ruin...