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    That's great. With results like most girls are having here plastic surgery will go out the window. Thanks to NB. Keep up the good work. Good Luck x
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    my xxlarge domes

    Hi, I know, I was thinking of using it for a salad bowl myself or a container for a head of lettuce. I dont know or think I will ever fit it but then again who knows. The opening seems to be too big. I have grown quite a bit with the large domes so I will wait a while and give it a go.
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    I think I believe now

    Hi Cleo I think too its menopause. I spoke to my doctor and he said that some women grow around the breast area and some around the hip area. Glad its my bust and not my hips. The doctor said look at it like an hour glass with time the sands shift a bit. Made me laugh but he could be right. Well...
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    Nose Right

    Hi I agree with NYX, does work I got one. I use it while I am watching TV. If you leave it for a while you are back to where you started. x
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    Skin lightening/bleaching in "delicate/sensitive areas"?

    Sorry Intertwining wrong site, it's this one x
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    Skin lightening/bleaching in "delicate/sensitive areas"?

    Try this place Intertwining, worked for me. I can truly understand you, and it is cheap Hope it helps kiki x
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    Try Fenugreek seed tea for breast growth and other recipes

    Hi you only need 6 fenugreek seeds and steep in boiling water for 10 minutes and drink in the morning. It does help with sugar levels but you have to be careful if you are taking insulin to control you sugar it can have a dramatic effect. It's ok if you are type 2 diabetes, but you still need to...
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    hair growth info Hi if anyone wants to have a look at this site, it is the only thing that helped me. I've tried castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil. The only thing I haven't done is cook my hair with all that oil. Hope it helps, and it is not expensive. thanks for...
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    I think I believe now

    thanks everyone. Dont know if its the fenugreek tea I am drinking or the fenugreek massage oil. Dont know hope I dont come to a standstill like everything else that Ive tried LOL. Iam sorry I didnt take any photos of before because I didnt really believed it will work. I will try and find an old...
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    Update for 2/20/11

    Hi Joan you are the reason why I bought this kit. Your progress is unbelievable. Don't think you are old and not nice looking, you are probably as beautiful on the inside Good luck Kiki
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    I think I believe now

    Hi everyone I bought the system couple of months ago and only started to use it 3 weeks ago. I don't know why it has worked real quick with me One of the girls at work said that I may be menopausal because my breasts have grown ( Iam 50). I went from 39 inches to 42 inches (weird). I bought new...
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    Try Fenugreek seed tea for breast growth and other recipes

    Did you know that fenugreek seeds also lower sugar.
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    Lip Pump

    Hi New here my first post. I am using the Limp Pump I bought from Caroline Facial Exercise. It does work, it's like everything else, you need to keep using it. At one stage my husband said that I over pumped because they were quite large. I couldn't do without it now, really good product. Happy...