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    eranee's pics

    Hi Eranee I can DEFINITELY see a difference. I have been noogling for a while now and when I first started, I didnt think I saw a difference for 6 months but when I look back, they were definitely getting bigger. You see them every day so you just dont notice it - believe me, there is...
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    just connectiong with you all again

    Jelly! So great to hear from you after so long!!!! I haven't posted much recently either but have been reading all the posts. Hope you are well. Wow - just read you went to Japan a while ago. It is awful what has happened there recently - really feel for all those poor people in Japan -...
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    Inbetween Dome Sizes...

    Was just wondering Lucy...are there any plans on making inbetween size domes? I am looking for a dome inbetween the XL size and XXL size because the XL are too small width wise but not length wise and the XXLs are too large width wise!! Any chance this can be looked into if there are enough...
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    Rachiex's Pics!

    ...and also melons - you sound like me completely! I'm trying to get my right one a little bigger because it is slightly smaller and I am trying to get a slimmer waist and bigger hips!! Were we seperated at birth...?! X
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    Rachiex's Pics!

    Hi everyone Right - sorry I haven't posted up pics yet. Haven't taken them yet as I thought I would do them on the day I started everything and that is tomorrow so I'll do them then. Plus the fact, I have bad skin at the moment so want to wait until it hopefully goes down a bit before I take...
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    Rachiex's Pics!

    Hi everyone! Right - I have been pumping since March 2009 and have not put pics or progress reports up...until now! I really think that I am ready to do it now though because I want to concentrate on this as opposed to just fitting this into my life for an hour a day - I need a big change as...
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    Dating a Younger Guy?

    Kellynne -Please go for it!! It doesn't seem like there is a reason NOT to! Who cares what people think?? Ironically, before I had a nose job and lipo, I used to care what people thought about me. Since I have had these things, (and not because of the effects of the surgeries because I was...
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    I need support too!!

    Awwww Joni So sorry to hear that. It must be because it is a shock to them. It will take time but they will realise that you are still the same person (although probably happier and more comfortable because you can be yourself and have more confidence in yourself). I remember when I heard my...
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    Lily13 - completely agree about the fact that I am more in tune with my boobs now! Because I noogle every day, I pay attention to them now when before I just used to ignore them and barely even look at them. I love noogleberry x
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    I've news for everyone

    CONGRATULATIONS Mama j!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay for you! X
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    Law of Attraction: Buy a bigger bra with such faith to fit in!

    I agree with Flatty Natty - do your research and it will all be there for free x
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    Needing suggestions for a nice fake tan

    Oooh - also, Sally Hansen is really good. The light one is the best one because it is more natural and the darker ones tend to be a strange orangey pink colour. It's not permanent but it doesn't really come off like a temporary tan and is great for emergencies or a night out. I use an instant...
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    Try Fenugreek seed tea for breast growth and other recipes

    Thank you very much for the recipe - will try when I next get paid x
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    anyone know how make or use to get rid of leg weight ?

    Pilates, a bit of light jogging a few times a week, power walking, lunges and the Leg Magic! Also, some lean protein always helps... x
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    Leg Magic

    a 'fanny lifter'.....!!!!!!!!!!!! Had a bit of a double take there - fanny means something else in England!! ;D Had to laugh! Have re-started using my Leg Magic. Last time I used it for about 3 minutes or so every day and noticed that my thighs and bottom were firmer and more toned and now I...
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    Nilly19's pics

    Nilly - I just have to comment because I feel so bad for what you have been through and I think you are being really strong and brave on your own. I am sending you a hug from here in the UK! I hope you are OK... we haven't heard from you in a long are you feeling? Are you OK? How's...
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    Loz back + Extra Extra Large Cups - advice?

    Don't mind you asking at all! Ask away! Basically, I only have one because there is no way on earth that you could fit more than one XXL on at the same time (although I think Eman just about managed to) the XXL BARELY fit on one boob and some of the side and lots of underarm is sucked in at the...
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    How Much Time Of Your Life Have You Spent On Reading This Forum???

    Much shorter time than I thought... 4 days, 4 hours and 58 minutes! :o X
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    Is there really hope for AAAers like me?

    There is DEFINITELY hope Talula - there are quite a few ladies on here who don't start with a huge amount but get GREAT results. It may just take a little longer and a little bit more effort and determination but it will come! Welcome to the forum! Happy pumping and BREAST WISHES...! (Sorry...
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    Real Permanence. Not just continuation of swelling.

    For the last 4 days I have had people staying at my house and some have been sleeping in my room which means I couldn't pump. I have lost none of the size but a little tiny bit of fullness. I have just pumped again for the first time in 4 days and have got the fullness back to exactly how it was...