eranee's pics


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Slowly and surely, they are getting full. IT's funny how you can't really see the difference when you see it everyday. But when posted in pictures, however subtle, you can detect the changes. Keep it up, and keep going.


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WOOOW!!!! Thats just amazing! I can see real difference in your pic's, they are fuller and somewhat larger sidewise now I'd say. Good for you!

I'm from Sweden too, btw.


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Add me to the list of those who say that can see a difference! :)
Your breasts look like mine! :)
Keep up the hard work!
Good Luck!
:-* :-* :-*


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I noogled for 3 hours today and I finally got past the second mark on my medium domes yay :D


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That's great! I just made it past the 2 inch mark after 3 hours as well. Looks like longer noogling is the way to go.


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That's a great swelling. Only made it to 3 hours of noogling once, and just like you, the swelling was incredible. I never made it again to noogling that long since the cups were really digging into my bones, and it was just so painful. I do have the foams but I feel like the foams are taking space around the breast's perimeter, and once I tried with the foams on, the swelling was not as great.

But yeah, it seems like noogling over an hour also seems to give me the best results. Congrats!


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so it's been two month now, feels like I've been doing this for ages hehe
I've been feeling a bit down about my boobs, not seen that much of a result.. but know it will take time but still ;P

grow boobs grow! ;)


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Hi Eranee

I can DEFINITELY see a difference. I have been noogling for a while now and when I first started, I didnt think I saw a difference for 6 months but when I look back, they were definitely getting bigger. You see them every day so you just dont notice it - believe me, there is definitely a difference I can see already!! Maybe you are a fast responder?!



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Yes there is definitely a difference!! If you look at the curve of your breast near your arm, you can see it is much larger. Also, you can see the curve is more defined on the underside of the breasts too.

Keep it up!! :) looks like things are working quite well for you.


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aww thank you both, I guess your right :)
Feels good with some encouragement when you down, I think I get boob blind and I'm probably a bit impatient aswell ;P



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Hi Eranee,

Where are your pictures for this month? Stick with it lady. Come on! Don't get disheartend - your boobs look amazing. There is so much more fullness at the bottom, you can see where they have weight to them an dthe last side picture that you posted shows a big difference. I hope you are still pumping. I would love to hear an update.



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hehe I'm still pumping fatty, been a bit busy this last month but now it's better so I will noogling more!
My camera has broken so no pictures at the moment :( But I've noticed a different, they feel heavier in my hands
I'm still using medium cups, but I'm thinking of buying the large, or the contoured large.. witch one do you ladies recommend?