EvenKeeled's Progress thread


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Hello everyone,

I have been a lurker for over 10 years. I just started my vacuum therapy journey in February with the Noogleberry. As my username suggests, my goal is symmetry. I am nonbinary so I don't desire a large chest, but I have a mild chest deformity (possibly poland's syndrome) that has hurt my self esteem for 16 years. I can't wait to have a mostly even chest and feel normal.

Age: 26
AFAB - No Children
Starting Size: 30B left, 30AA right (flat almost)
Height: 5'7" Weight: 116 lbs
Race: White/Asian
Responding speed: Swelling lasting 24 hours after about a month or two of Noogling
Pumping style: No defined style, I pump and hold for 10-30 mins and massage in between. I only pump my right breast.


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Feb 11th - July 11th

Growth: 1/4" - 1/2" around the bust. My swelled size at 7 weeks appears to have become permanent.

Hours: 357 done since start.

The first image is me after one of my first 30 mins pumping sessions. The second image is after a pumping session the other day. I wish I had taken a pre-noogle pic! In the first pic, I believe I am also tensing my pec muscle. I can take a better "current" pic in the next few days if anyone is curious.

Edit: I realize that the second photo is taken in such different conditions it's hard to see the progress. I took another photo of my breasts in full sunlight, after a 2 hour pumping session, and 30 mins to let the rings fade. This swelling will prob last most of my waking hours today.



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You do look to be getting the result you need - with some permanency as well! Well done. A