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I did NBE some 10 - 15 years ago and went from small A to Small C, mostly using Brava. It took YEARS, blood sweat & tears (and ugly marks that took forever to be free from!).

After serious weigh loss I needed to get back to NBE so here goes:

start date
Oct 20, 2020

30” under bust
33.5” over bust
102 lbs
5,5 1/2 height

Nov 28, 2020
30” under bust
34.5” over bust

106 lbs

- massage, 100-300 rotations / day
- guided NBE meditation 3 -5 times / week
- subliminal NBE 3-5 times / week
- NBE cream 2 times / day (4 bottles used so far)
- BB 2012 Large domes (12.5 cm hight + 12.5 cm base) + Noogleberry silicone ring + BB 2012 30-60 mins 5 times / week

35.5” by Dec 31
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Update Dec 1:

Outgrew BB Large domes, started using size XL (13.5 cm height x 13.5 cm base). The control unit broke down today (after less than 2 months use!) but luckily I still have the old control unit so used that one instead.

BP (Before Pump): 34.5"
AP (After Pump): 36"

110 lbs
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Looks like you are making good progress. Are you drinking lots of water before/during pumping? Some have found keeping the breasts warm during pumping helps. One method of doing this was to apply hot wet cloth for a minute before pumping. Another used hair dryer and also heated dome.