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my first few times noogling were just fine. the last time i noogled, i ended up with this boil on my left areola. i then waited to noogle and i let it heal till i started again... tonight, i just finished noogling for about an hour, and my left and right nipples are both surrounded by these boils! they don't hurt or anything... but what do i do! please help!! :'(


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Hmmm what a problem, there is something in your system trying to get out. Right now I would discontinue the noogleberry and do some research and let those heals. I'm sorry this has happen to you, but stay positive and continue to search for the answers you need.


Truth is, I wasn't going to respond to this one because I don't have any really good answers. But I do know you are not alone, I have seen similar pictures on this site before. Can't remember any good responses, but I do believe they all cured up over time and when the boobs get used to noogling, it doesn't happen any more.

I guess I go along with the theory that this is in some ways the body's method of getting rid of poisons, so I think it would be best to prick them with a needle to drain, and make sure you wash extra thoroughly especially after noogling in case the oil has any detrimental effects. Also make sure the domes are kept very clean. After cleaning apply vitamin E as this is very good for healing the skin.

Hope this works, keep us informed and record what does work for the next person. :)


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No please don't prick them or break them with a needle or anything, those are blister and you should not break them, that will introduce bacteria and make them vey itchy and take more time to heal.
That happens cause you are using too much suction specially for long time. Wash carefully with soap and dry with room temperature air, when they heal next time don't forget to use less suction specially less time, begin with 20 minutes and every week you add 10 more minutes. While you noogle check your breast from time to time with a lantern, blister can appear in less than 5 minutes so the faster you spot them the faster they heal.
There are better people here who know how to treat those blisters better, for sure they will reply later.


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i would agree with the don't prick them approach, though if I got them I would find that hard to abstain from..LLOL, however if you noogle with broken skin it will bleed under pressure and cause you to not noogle longer. Yes, take less pressure for less time, let them get used to what your doing ... drink more water, and get what ever is in your system flushed out. You should be good to go this way.