I've news for everyone


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Hi all and especially those who know me well.

I have really greatttttttttt news. I treated myself to a bra shopping day today, and was blown away.

Just out of the need to feel good about myself, I bought (2) two 38B cup bras. One, slightly padded, and one not padded.

To my total disbelief, I fit them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. In an attempt not to believe this new found joy, I went to a girlfriends house, and had her check me out and you know what see said, She said Joni, these bras fit you perfectly and as a matter of fact Joni, you will be needing bigger ones sooner than you think.

I am on cloud 9 right now. My dream had always been just to be a "B" cup. Now, I am seriously going for the gold and will try for a D cup. I'm soooooo happy, I can't control myself. The only problem here is I didn't find a lace one or a lace panty to go with Boooooo Hugs to all Mama J :-* :-* :-* :-* :D :D :D


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Gosh, that's great news!

Congratulations, it looks like all your hard work is paying off! I'm super happy for you :)
Keep shooting for those Ds! <3


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Hi Strumpet, again,

Oh my gosh, it was exciting to find that out. I finally took the one new bra off. It is sooooo comfy. I AM going to keep things going. I will go for D cups now.

I'm truly happy for the first time in weeks. Thanks Hugs Mama :-* :-* :-* :-*


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That's so exciting Joni and I love that I can hear the excitement through your posts. I say bring on the D's! ;D


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Hi Tiffany,

Honey, thank you so much for the wonderful encouragement. when I wrote my new topic, I was totally on cloud nine. I've been sooooo depressed lately. your kind words and Lilly's and Wishful have really helped me to feel greatttttttttttttt. I find all things are falling into place now. thanks girls. Oh Tiffany, I love being called GIRL.It just helps to reinforce WHO I AM NOW. Love you guys

Mama J :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*


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Hi Mamma J !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations on finaly going bra shopping!!!!!!!!
Where did you go shopping at,(if I may ask)????????
I seem to have better luck at Sears, or pennys to
find a matching set, with out spending LOTS of $$$$
It's so good to hear that you are starting to get out
and about more. Nice too that you can relate to a GG
about this experence that you are under taking.
Stay safe and have some FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The boobie fairy will be stopping at your place soon!!!


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Hi Jamie,

If the truth was really known, I bought my 2 new bras from, of all places, WALMART. I've come a long way to feeling good again, but must admit to being frustrated with slow growth. My only sin, if you will, is to have bigger boobs and look pretty when I'm all done with my journey. The other sadness is that I wish I had done this many years ago. I didn't. so at least I am now.. Thanks Jamie2 for all your wonderful words, Strumpet your words, and Tiffany, your words. They all mean allot to me. I can't think of nicer people in the world than are hewre on the Noogleberry forum.

Hugs all Mama j :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*