just connectiong with you all again



yep I found the same philli with that size i CANT GET PAST 4 " as my boobs get brutally red and the in dentation stays forever lol.. so had to stop being greedy too.


Ohhhh I found this wonderful loving thread again xoxoxoxoxoxo Ive missed you all..... have you tried these new formed cups I just saw etc??? any good love your big jelly friend JellyDeee..................................


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Hi All. I am in booby awe. Just hearing you all talk sounds like you were serious about boob growth. We are going to learn from you all and I know I am excited! Welcome back and glad that you had a safe trip too.


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OMG Jelly. I didn't even know you are a singer. That is so awesome!!! What type of music are you into? Gee I think we would all love to hear you sing. Welcome back!


Jelly! So great to hear from you after so long!!!! I haven't posted much recently either but have been reading all the posts. Hope you are well. Wow - just read you went to Japan a while ago. It is awful what has happened there recently - really feel for all those poor people in Japan - heartbreaking.

Hope you are having amazing boobie growth and hope the old domes havent been discovered at the airports - can see how you heart would be in your mouth when they check your suitcase but perhaps just pretend they are for that cupping thing- all the celebs are doing it!!
Loves X


Welcome back sweety!!!! Glad that you have been living life to the fullest and poledancing eh? Your hubby must be the happiest man in the neighbourhood!!! xxxxxxxxxxx

Heres to bigger bouncier boobies ;D