Just got my system today. How do I start?


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I want to prevent my nipples from becoming big/puffy.

Should I put band aids on them in the form of X? A person on here said they used the lids of pringles cans? But i'm not sure how she achieved sticking them on for noogling. I read that putting tennis balls at the tip inside the domes will cause the rest of the breast to swell around? My breasts are a small 32B possibly C right now. I plan to use cocoa butter to prevent stretch marks/bruises/etc. and do release hold. I have the pressurized hand gauge. What should be the ideal safe but effective pressure to pump the breasts to? I think I will start with one hour of pumping. Pump 5 minutes on and 2 minutes off. Is that ideal? I also heard not to massage after you pump only before and during the days you take breaks from noogling? I plan to use purafem PM, zhu mu extract/powder/or oil not sure yet, and a low dose of fenugreek for massaging into my breasts twice a week. I might also add a protein shake with papaya after pumping. Anyone knowledgeable chime in please to let me know if I'm at risk of hurting myself! Newbie to noogling here.

Basically these are the kind of breasts I'd like.



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welcome to the forum! I'm not as knowledgable as some - you should expect other replies. My gauge shows inHg on the black scale. You'll be working out already the amount of pressure which causes tissue to be sucked into the dome. Be gentle with yourself to start with. -0.5 is a moderate pressure to hold with, Though you can go up to -1.0 to pull in more tissue and then let it go back to -0.5. If it feels painful at all then ease off. Until a few week's practice you may not be able to use much pressure/much time without needing to stop. Your skin colour inside the dome will darken towards red/purple. Its ok for this to happen a bit when you've had practice but be careful at first. Dont worry too much about the nipples esp at first - this depends what they look like to start with - they will probably just get a bit longer in time. I've sent you a pm. x Ari


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hey, so this was the thread that I posted about the stoppers:


I stopped using the actual cans and started using the lids instead because I was concerned about the structural integrity of the cups versus the cans, and the lids are more flexible against the curve of the breast as you apply pressure, in combination with different sizes of recycled T.P rolls. putting them on is a bit of a balancing act, and with the CL cups I use tissue paper to fill the spaces around the T.P roll to keep it in place, lol.

I recommend starting each session with a really good massage with a heat pad before you put on your cups. I personally can't fit more than one CL cup on at a time due to my rib cage being so petite, so I plug the unused tube to prevent suction loss. I'd like to mention that I personally use the Pringle Lids for my both mediums and my CL, I really believe that incrementally increasing the amount of vaccumable space with the different length of T.P rolls, also helps to manipulate the breast growth/swelling to certain areas, and also more evenly prevents areola stretching.

when it comes to pumping style i recommend a variety depending on your needs. some days you might want to go for a nice mild session with a few rounds of 20/7. or you might be happy for a few weeks at 8/3, and once a week you might want to do a super long session with a few rounds of 45/10. the best thing you can do is listen to your body, don't push yourself to far. For example if you're in a session and it starts to feel really uncomfortable and itchy, then back off, apply a heat pad, start again the next day. sometimes those little red dots won't be visible until the next day, so you need to recognize the invisible symptoms first so you don't over pump.

The best oil to apply is one that is lightweight, not too sticky or tacky, and easily spreadable. I personally really like sweet almond oil. It does't smell like anything but its a darn good massage oil and you could easily add small amount of essential oil to improve the scent.

Its also important to track your progress regularly. Take ALL of your body measurements head to toe, once a month, and your weight and track them. i've found that keeping these super detailed track records is super helpful over the long term. I also find that the measuring tape is more accurate if you use CM instead of inches, and don't measure by bra cups, they're terribly inaccurate for sizing... ALSO, your MENSTRUAL CYCLE will have an effect and being aware of what day of your cycle you're on daily can really help you understand why your breasts are really juicy sometimes, and really withdrawn others. The first day of your period is your DAY 1 of your cycle and goes right until the first day of your next period, when it resets.

Growth is like the ocean, sometimes the waves are UP, and sometimes they're down. Just roll with it and don't rush yourself or give yourself a timeline, breaks are good IF you're consistent most of the time. Protein Shakes help ALL good growth IMO opinion because most people don't consume enough of it. ALSO, I don't know about others but I've noticed that when I do my noogling during the daytime as opposed to right before bed, that my results are a noticeably better; it's like they need the extra hours of 'up and about' time during the day after my session, to sort of 'settle-in' rather than getting deflated by going to bed shortly after my sessions at night... lol if that makes sense.

I want to add that growth happens differently for everyone. Some people fill out on the bottom before the top, others fill out projectionally or width wise first, other fill out on top last, And a lot of the time, the measuring tape will stay the same for ages as your breast shape and structure changes minutely. That is why taking monthly pictures and little physique videos to show your progress over the months and years is important. Tiny little details that you didn't see at first, will suddenly seem like a really big deal when you're finished with your boobie project.

Lastly, don't beat yourself up if you experience a set back. I strength train regularly and i'm really healthy, yet I was recently really sick out of the blue back in April and it's taken a couple months to bounce back, even with my great health, but because of how weak my body became during those few weeks, I actually lost a couple CM of permanent growth that usually would have bounced back with me. So when shit like that happens, just reset, take a break, and then restart and keep trudging onwards. Remember, your body remembers what it's capable of. If you grow, and then later you lose it, it will still have that memory of that growth unlocked. lol, like a video game where you unlock different levels... even if you have to start over, you'll still remember where you've been and it will be quicker to find your way back next time.

I hope that some of this was helpful!

Good luck!


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I wouldn't worry too much about the size of your nipples and areolas. I think as your breasts grow they will grow as well, so they will still look as they should do. I don't mind if mine get bigger, in fact I'm trying to encourage them to grow, and they certainly make me feel sexy too.