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Here are my results after over 2 months of using NB and some info about my experience with noogling. I started off as a 34B and I am now wearing 34C and 34D bras. I maintain a C cup, and swelling leaves me with a D cup that lasts for many hours. I pump for 1.5 to 2.5 hours a day and have gone only two days with pumping less than one hour. I started with the large cups and began using the XL cups exclusively over the last week or so (which are just great). Below is my info, which roughly goes in 2 week intervals. The +/- refers to the increase or decrease since the last measurements. Also, my under bust measurement has stayed around 29.5 inches.

*Quick summary: In two months, I’ve gained 1.5 inches around my bust and about the same around my upper bust (under the armpits), and about 1 inch across each individual breast.

*Some things that have worked for me:
—drink plenty of water - on days where I don’t drink what I normally do, in-cup swelling has been noticeably less
—use plenty of lotion/oil before each session for a good seal
—pumping in multiple sessions throughout the day from 30-40 minutes has been best for me
—arnica gel is GREAT for getting rid of the red dots
—this measurement guide has been the most accurate for me as far as what size bra will comfortably and properly fit me (,904,30.html)

Before any NB
*bust: 33.3 inches
*under armpits: 31.8
*across left: 8.6
*across right: 8.0

January 4, 2009 (Day 19)
15 hours after pumping
*bust: 34.2 inches (+0.9)
*under armpits: 32.0 (+0.2)
*across left: 9.2 (+0.6)
*across right: 8.3 (+0.3)

January 11, 2009 (Day 26)
22 hours after pumping
*bust: 34.0 inches (-0.2)
*under armpits: 33.0 (+1.0)
*across left: 9.6 (+0.4)
*across right: 8.8 (+0.5)

January 24, 2009 (Day 39)
19 hours after pumping
*bust: 34.6 inches (+0.6)
*under armpits: 32.8 (-0.2)
*across left: 9.5 (-0.1)
*across right: 9.0 (+0.2)

February 13, 2009 (Day 58)
12 hours after pumping
*bust: 34.8 inches (+0.2)
*under armpits: 33.0 (+0.2)
*across left: 9.5
*across right: 9.0


March 7, 2009 (Day 80)
(13 hours after pumping)
*bust: 34.9 inches (+0.1)
*armpits: 33.7 inches (+0.7) - may have been measuring too far down
*across left: 9.8 inches (+0.3)
*across right: 9.4 inches (+0.4)

April 8, 2009 (Day 112, 4 months)
(17 hours after pumping)
*bust: 35.1 inches (+0.2)
*armpits: 33.1 inches (-0.6)
*across left: 10.0 inches (+0.2)
*across right: 9.5 inches (+0.1)

April 25, 2009 (Day 129)
(20 hours after NB)
*bust: 35.4 inches (+0.3)
*armpits: 33.2 inches (+0.1)
*across left: 10.0 inches
*across right: 9.5 inches

June 3, 2009 (Day 168, 6 Months)
(21 hours after NB)
*bust: 35.5 inches (+0.1)
*armpits: 33.3 inches (+0.1)
*across left: 10.0 inches
*across right: 9.5 inches

June 30, 2009 (Day 195, 7 months the next day)
(17 hours after NB)
*bust: 35.8 inches (+0.3)
*armpits: 33.9 inches (+0.6)
*across left: 10.3 inches (+0.3)
*across right: 9.9 inches (+0.4)

July 30, 2009 (Day 225, 1 day past 8 months)
(15 hours after NB)
*bust: 36.1 inches (+0.3)
*armpits: 34.1 inches (+0.2)
*across left: 10.3 inches
*across right: 9.9 inches

August 26, 2009 (Day 252, 9 months)
(16 hours after NB)
*bust: 36.25 inches (+0.15)
*armpits: 34.8 inches (+0.7)
*across left: 10.5 inches (+0.2)
*across right: 10.1 inches (+0.2)

September 23, 2009 (Day 280, 10 months)
(14 hours after NB)
*bust: 36.4 inches (+0.15)
*armpits: 34.5 inches (-0.3)
*across left: 10.5 inches
*across right: 10.1 inches

September 29, 2009 (Day 286)
(14 hours after NB)
*bust: 36.5 inches (+0.1)
*armpits: 35.0 inches (+0.5)
*across left: 10.5 inches
*across right: 10.1 inches

October 21, 2009 (Day 308, 11 months)
(16.5 hours after NB)
*bust: 36.6 inches (+0.1, +0.2 since month 10)
*armpits: 35.0 inches (+0.5 since month 10)
*across left: 10.5 inches
*across right: 10.1 inches

November 18, 2009 (12 months using 4 weeks=1 month)
(17.5 hours after NB)
*bust: 36.75 inches (+0.15)
*armpits: 35.0 inches
*across left: 10.5 inches
*across right: 10.1 inches

December 17, 2009 (365 days, one "true" year; one day past 13 months using 4 weeks=1 month)
(16.5 hours after NB)
*bust: 37.0 inches (+0.25)
*armpits: 35.1 inches (+0.1)
*across left: 10.7 inches (+0.2)
*across right: 10.2 inches (+0.1)

January 13, 2010 (14 months)
(16.5 hours after NB)
*bust: 37.2 inches (+0.2)
*armpits: 35.3 inches (+0.2)
*across left: 10.7 inches
*across right: 10.2 inches

February 10, 2010 (15 months)
(16 hours after NB)
*bust: 37.3 inches (+0.1)
*armpits: 35.5 inches (+0.2)
*across left: 10.7 inches
*across right: 10.2 inches

March 10, 2010 (16 months)
(18.5 hours after NB)
*bust: 37.5 inches (+0.2)
*armpits: 35.75 inches (+0.25)
*across left: 10.7 inches
*across right: 10.2 inches

April 7, 2010 (17 months)
(16 hours after NB)
*bust: 37.75 inches (+0.25)
*armpits: 35.75 inches
*across left: 10.7 inches
*across right: 10.2 inches

May 5, 2010 (18 months)
(15 hours after NB)
*bust: 37.75 inches
*armpits: 36.1 inches (+0.35)
*across left: 10.7 inches
*across right: 10.2 inches

June 2, 2010 (19 months)
(12 hours after NB)
*bust: 37.9 inches (+0.15)
*armpits: 36.5 inches (+0.4)
*across left: 10.7 inches
*across right: 10.2 inches

June 30, 2010 (20 months)
(14 hours after NB)
*bust: 38.1 inches (+0.1)
*armpits: 36.5 inches
*across left: 10.7 inches
*across right: 10.2 inches

July 28, 2010 (21 months)
(14 hours after NB)
*bust: 38.0 inches
*armpits: 36.5 inches
*across left: 10.9 inches (+0.2)
*across right: 10.4 inches (+0.2)

August 24, 2010 (22 months)
(23 hours after NB)
*bust: 38.3 inches (+0.3)
*armpits: 36.6 inches (+0.1)
*across left: 10.9 inches
*across right: 10.4 inches


wow! sounds great!! thanks for the great tips, too! i think drinking water is extremly important!


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2 months huh!.. i am 2 days to complete 4 weeks! haha!!!!

your stat is NICE!


Noogleberry Admin Team
Well done morninghello! and thank you for your stats. Thats a very useful and clear template for others to follow,

keep it up and let me know if i can help in any way,

best wishes

Lucy :)


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I updated my original post again. It's been 4 months today :) I've been doing 2 hours and 40 minutes just about everyday, with the occasional 2 hours. I've been progressing at about a half an inch a month, which is pretty nice.

Before any NB Today:
*bust: 33.3 inches *bust: 35.1 inches (+1.8 )
*under armpits: 31.8 *under armpits: 33.1 (+1.3)
*across left: 8.6 *across left: 10.0 (+1.4)
*across right: 8.0 *across right: 9.5 (+1.5)


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I've updated my stats again. I'm a week and a half away from 5 months of noogling! In the last week or so, I've had a few days that I haven't done my regular 2 hours 40 minutes since I've had an odd schedule, but I think only doing an hour and a half occasionally is probably just fine. Also, I've been using blue poster tack stuff as padding on the domes for the last week, and the faint, lighter-colored ring marks on the upper part of my chest have basically disappeared ( I can't believe it! I don't think it was due to the decreased total noogling time either, since the rings were almost gone before I had begun doing less noogling - it must be the poster tack. It's good timing too since it's finally getting warm out where I live and I won't be bundled up in jackets and scarves anymore :)


Wow morninghello - that's fantastic! Your'e an inspration! How has it gone since you last posted your stats? x x x x


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Hey, Rachiex - thanks! Eight more days until my 6 month mark. I'm gonna wait to post "official" stat updates for a little while longer, but my personal stats that I've been keeping show me at about 35.4 or 35.5 inches still and then under the armpits I've had about a 0.1 or 0.2 inch increase as well. Just in the last week or so though, despite having about the same measurements, my breasts have looked and felt suddenly a bit fuller. I think a lot of folks on here have experienced that as well where the measuring tape doesn't budge but the look and feel is certainly larger.

Also, I had been doing 30 minute sessions rather than my usual 40 for a while, but I found that I was only doing 1 hour 30 minutes or 2 hours since it was more of a hassel to lotion up for an extra shorter session. Now I'm back to 40 minute sessions and doing 2 hours or 2 hours 40 minutes everyday. Another change has been my pumping technique. I've been doing more of a pump, hold, release some, pump, hold, etc. type of thing instead of just pump and hold. That may also have something to do with my fullness lately.

I can't believe I've been at this for almost half a year! Time flies when you're attaching suction devices to your breasts for multiple hours a day! Or something like that, right? ;)


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Six months today! ;D I am so glad I decided to get Noogleberry last December. I knew it would work for me, and - as you can see - it has!

Before any NB Today:
*bust: 33.3 inches *bust: 35.5 inches (+2.2)
*under armpits: 31.8 *under armpits: 33.3 (+1.5)
*across left: 8.6 *across left: 10.0 (+1.4)
*across right: 8.0 *across right: 9.5 (+1.5)


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wow congratulations that is im just waiting to be a 9.5 wow....

but you must have been really consistent in the past 6 months..guess hard work payed off yey...

congrats...really happy for does it people notice a diff. in going from 8.0 to a 10.0..?

but dont you feel when you are walking yes i have

but does it feell...and i know this migth be personal sorry about asking and you don't have to answer...did you used to wear a padded bra and now you don' does it feel..cuz i would be extrememly thrilled if i had your results..:D


your results are fantastic! perseverance pays off! i like your technique, and then changing it out now and then..thats a good tip fore all! change things sometimes, see what happens! you can FEEL and SEE what the stupid tape measure is missing! rely on your self to know what is happening! that tape can be a downer, when you KNOW something is happening! also, daylight had some intersting questions!
love, catsrule


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Something I forgot to add in my last post... I calculated all my hours of noogling (I keep intense little records) through Wednesday... about 330 hours :eek: Wowza!

Abagail3: Thank you!

daylight: Except for me and my partner, I doubt anyone has noticed the difference. He's seen the process (we live together), and he definitely knows they are a lot larger. I don't wear low-cut tops very often at all, but when I do (or when I'm around the house without a bra) I am very aware that I've got things that jiggle now. Now I also have a situation where my boobs sometimes are in the way of moving my arms at my sides or keeping them there - haha. Also, I still wear padded bras (push-ups). They feel better to me since the underwire doesn't dig in at all, and I'm just used to them. I'm sure you'll get to 9.5 too!! :) Just keep at it!

catsrule: Thanks! The measuring tape was almost 35.6 yesterday actually, but I didn't want to overshoot it and be disappointed with "not getting results" for a while, so I put 35.5 inches. I think the measurements might not be changing at the same rate they had before because of my few weeks with pumping an hour less that normal per day and also because the shape of my breasts changing. I just almost have a little crease under them - it's a weird goal of mine :D They do have a good shadow underneath right now though!


way to go! don't rely on the tape...rely on your eyes and hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hi morninghello,

Well done. Keep up with good work :D :D

Catsrule : I tend to believe that too. I stopped measuring my breasts anymore, just let go with how I feel and the comfy I get from the current bra.



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Tomorrow will be 7 months! :) I did measurements today and they are quite nice. I've been retaining at about 36 inches or slightly more throughout the day and have been pumping about 2 hours and 40 minutes to 3 hours and 20 minutes (with a few days of 4 hours even) in 40 minute sessions. Having lots of time this summer has definitely sped things up!

Before any NB: Today:
*bust: 33.3 inches *bust: 35.8 inches (+2.5)
*under armpits: 31.8 *armpits: 33.9 inches (+2.1)
*across left: 8.6 *across left: 10.3 inches (+1.7)
*across right: 8.0 *across right: 9.9 inches (+1.9)


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Wow that is awesome! congrats! I hope I can eventually maintain my swelling that good, I get to 35 inches or 35 1/2 inches around the fullest part of my breasts after pumping, depends on how long and hard I pump. And normally I'm 34 inches. You give us all hope and something to look forward to :) thanks for posting your stats!


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omg my dream is to be a 10.0 and you have achieved how does it feel and what differences did you encounter in u;re daily life?


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I updated my stats... it has been 8 months! Yay!
Before NB: Now:
*bust: 33.3 inches *bust: 36.1 inches (+2.8 )
*armpits: 31.8 *armpits: 34.1 (+2.3)
*across left: 8.6 *across left: 10.3 (+1.7)
*across right: 8.0 *across right: 9.9 (+1.9)

A few days before reaching the 8-month mark, I had a huge increase in post-pump swelling, which is how progress seems to work for me (sudden, bigger swelling that stays more and more over time). I measured just under 37 inches right after pumping recently! Normally, I don't really have a bust measurement increase immediately after pumping until the swelling settles down - only the upper chest measurement is bigger. It was pretty amazing! Also, I've kept calculating my total hours of pumping.... I'm up to about 500 hours total! :eek: