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We all want to be bigger!
Hi Zhangjin - use NB as much as you can, as often, hopefully you will see growth, but it may take longer than a few months. I had my Noogleberry cups years ago but didn't really use them very often, since lockdown I have been using them every day as often as I can fit in with stuff, and I now have growth!! Only a little, but it's growing, so if I can do it so can you!! Good luck


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zhangjin618 said:
hi,I was wondering if you had that same increase in the first few months? I used it 2 to 4 hours a day for 4 months and didn't see any effect. So did you start like this?

As others have said - don't be afraid to keep it up! As long as it is not hurting you in some way. We have to stay patient and diligent like morninghello. :)

I know some people have needed over 9 months to see their own results, which you can see looking at the older threads like you have been. And as ariadne said there is less excitement for vacuum therapy now than there was a few years ago, but it still works for most people. I recommend looking into studies on Brava or Evara/Aestes if you want more concrete info, although these people used the breast pumps for many more hours a day than typical nooglers do. Links below.