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I first learned about NB from a thread on another site in February (2013) and decided to purchase it after reading the comments and reviews on this forum. Of course I was skeptical at first, but I had nothing to lose. I am 35 years old, single, no children, and I have suffered from what I have called SBS (small breasts syndrome). At first I thought I was just a late bloomer, but at 20 I started to realize that perhaps I wasn’t going to be as blessed as others. I can’t blame it on genetics, my older sister is a full C or D cup, my mother is about a C or B. I am currently an A cup (34 inches). I have tried just about everything, I started with the breast grow pills you used to order in the back of magazines but back then we didn’t have access to all this information so I bought a bunch of padded/wonder/miracle bras and let it be.
I have always been insecure about my small breasts and lack of cleavage and feel they make me less feminine. I envy those who don’t have to wear a padded bra and can choose any swimsuit they want. I even shy away from hugs because I feel my secret will be known. My worst issues arrive when becoming intimate with someone for the first time and them seeing my small breasts. I am always curious about their ex- girlfriends to see if they were busty and fear I will not satisfy them. I call this low breast esteem.

Anyway, so for me any kind of surgery and fake breasts were out of the question. Before NB, I stumbled onto Greenbush herbs website and decided to give it a try again. They boasted great results with all natural herbs, right up my alley. I bought the tea, the pills, and the extract and gave it a try. After several months, I noticed that my butt has grown and hips spread, had to get all new jeans and shorts etc. but nothing with my breasts. It also gave a me a little belly which made my breasts appear even smaller. I do believe they are onto something, but it didn’t give me the results I wanted. Oh and they use Fenugreek which makes you smell like maple syrup. I heard that constantly from people everywhere I went. I got tired of explaining that. But I am still using their liquid extract to massage my breasts before I noogle. I also tried PM by Ainterol and their Extreme Spray. I only did one bottle and backed off after mixed reviews, but didn’t see any results either. Perhaps these would have worked if I were consistent and stuck to it, but I didn’t.

So in February, I ordered my Medium cups from NB and resolved to stick to this. I am fortunate to have time in the evening and privacy to noogle and snoogle. I started slow at first and worked my way up to about 1-2 hours a day. I try to sleep in them too, sometimes they stay, sometimes not. I water noogle about once a week on Saturday. I mostly just pump and hold, but sometimes do pump and release. Thanks to all the posts I was able to learn how to do this stuff. It took me a while to see swelling and it doesn’t last long, but its there. I am now 5 months in and still noogle daily, with no plans to quit. I knew my progress would be slower due to age and low body fat, but I am pleased with what I am just recently seeing, they are definitely fuller and heavier which is encouraging me to keep it going. I also make protein shakes and work out regularly. I drink lots of water to increase swelling, and do a brief massage before noogling with Sunflower oil (I just like Sunflower oil). I just recently read about Maca (Inca Living) and plan to try that in two weeks after a cleanse. I have attached recent pictures, I wished I had taken some in February to measure progress, but I didn’t. Anyway, I plan to update on progress. I’m very satisfied with what NB is doing. I am also grateful for this forum because it helped me to know there were others out there who struggled with breast issues and that in itself has helped me gain more confidence, knowing that I’m not so isolated. I am learning to love me, especially my brown beauties and that is priceless. Thank you!


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Hi Brown Beauties,
I have been roaming around this forum for about a month and haven't felt the need to post anything till now. I just had to say that you have beautiful breast!!! They are perfect in shape and I think you look very full for an A cup. I'm starting out at a AA (maybe AAA..just not ready to admit that to myself) and can only hope that I can get to your size at some point. Also, your post made me smile. You are a great writer.
Best wishes on your noogleberry adventure:)


Brown Beauties
Thank you Briannabella 22 for your kind words, they made my day. I just wanted to share my story hoping that it might help or encourage someone in the same way that I have been helped by this forum. Thank you for surfacing and best wishes on your journey as well.


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Hi Brown Beauties,

Thanks for sharing your story and routine! I agree with Brianna that you are a great writer. Also agree that you have beautiful breasts! I wouldn't think you have anything at all to be ashamed about, they are very pert and have a nice full shape. You look like almost a B cup. I can relate to what you say about "low breast esteem" though, as I feel the same about mine. I'm generally happy with my appearance, but my breasts have always kind of been a let down, lol. But Noogleberry has really helped me feel more appreciation and confidence towards my breasts. Anyway, good job on making it to 5 months! I'm almost at month 3 and in the same boat as you with starting out with not much body fat or breast tissue, so it is a slow process. I feel like progress is being made, but it's so gradual that it's difficult to gauge. Have you considered taking measurements? It might help track things along with pics. One thing I'm considering is taking pics with a bra so that I can compare how it fits from time to time... It seems to be one of the easiest ways to accurately measure progress. Have you noticed any changes in how your bras fit now compared to 5 months ago? Anyway, your routine sounds great, thanks for such an interesting and encouraging post!


Brown Beauties
Hello oodellaly,

Thank you for your comments, you guys are really helping my breast esteem ;) I need to get a better tape measure so I can accurately measure myself, I just have the stiff metal ones. I can't say I've noticed any major difference in my bras yet, but I'm checking for it. I can't wait to go shopping for new bras!! Anyway, I'm glad that you are also having good results with NB, it's truly a process and we just have to stick to it.


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Hi brown beauties, one idea I thought of if you only have the metal measuring tape or a hard ruler is to just take some string or thread and wrap it around the area you want to measure, then lay the length of string on the ruler to see how long it was. Hope this helps! Measuring accurately is tough sometimes, so I don't rely on it too much. Bras are a much more clear indicator, but anyway if you can feel the differences, that's still awesome! Good luck, you're right that this is a process, and also an art form! ;)


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Hi brown beauties - I have also heard that Fenugreek puts weight on - I know when I was taking them last year I gained a huge amount of weight which I am now trying to lose! So, like you, I'm going down the Noogling route - which I think must be healthier - and seems to have good results - good luck on progress!


Brown Beauties
I guess it's time for an update:

Well I am at 7 months and I have continued to noogle everyday. I would say I try to average about an hour a day, but recently I have been "going hard" up to 2 hours. I still water noogle on weekends and sometimes snoogle, but I have woken up in the middle of the night freezing, I think it may be connected to circulation, so I've cut that out.

I also started working out with the fitnessblender videos on youtube, they are amazing! I was just trying to tone up, but I also lost 6 pounds. I still do protein shakes, collagen (great for my skin),Maca, but slacked on the Fenugreek/Methi because I think it made my skin break out. I was able to find it in powder form at my local international store for like $1.50 for a .lb bag. If you can tolerate it, that is the best way to go.

So in my most recent measurement, I have not gained anything, still 34 inches. I still see the fullness and keep some swelling for about 20-30 minutes, but the measurable growth is yet to kick in. But I am going to keep on pumping. I think it may help to move to the large cups, I do not completely fill the mediums, but perhaps it will help. I continue to stay encouraged by reading the posts in this forum. The photo posted was just taken after noogling, it looks identifical to the ones from July :(


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Hey, good job on staying consistent all this time! I'm sure it will work for you. Your breasts still look good. I think it's a good idea if you move to the large cups-- I can see from your pic where the ring marks are on your chest and it looks like you could get a lot more tissue into the cups with a larger diameter, which might be just the thing you need to start seeing permanent growth. Anyway, thanks for the encouragement on my page too, it really helped. :) Good luck!


Brown Beauties
Hello all,

I'm still here and still pumping away. I will hit the year mark in about a month and I am proud of the fact that I have been pretty consistent. I still pump 1-2 hours each night and water noogle on Saturdays. Just finished about an 1 hour today. I purchased the large cups in October and I was surprised that after a week I could keep them on, but I couldn't move around too much or they would fall off. I can't use them for waternoogling, not there yet.
However, I would not get any good swelling with the larges, but of course when I switch backed to the mediums, I get excellent swelling. I can fill them up and they stay on no matter what, so I have went back to them for a while. I don't take any supplements now, didn't really notice anything with the Maca. I started doing chest exercises with weights and I have noticed that my breasts are perkier, but appear smaller :( I think the exercises may have burned some of the fat that was there. I am still drinking lots of water and doing the protein shakes. I may need to up my calorie intake. I have attached photos after my water noogling today. Keep it up everyone, love hearing about your progress, it encourages me. No plans of stopping, not an option.


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Started July 25th, 2013
Don't worry about the chest exercises making you look small. Exercise increases blood flow (that's a good thing) and having perkier pecs will be a plus once you start getting bigger breasts! You don't want saggy hangers ;) I love that you're posting your progress. It's very inspiring! Keep it up! :)


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Keep going brown! Do you ever do longer pumping sessions, like 3hours+ ?? Feeling stalled is so frustrating. When I stall I start changing my routine.


Brown Beauties
Update time! Well I am officially at the one year mark. I started noogling in Feburary 2013 and it has been an interesting journey. I have been pumping more since the new year, longer sessions (2 hours). I'd love to be able to rock some cleavage this summer, so I'm motivated. I have also started massaging more, I didn't realize how important that was, but I think it has helped a lot in the last few weeks. One other thing I noticed is that I seemed to be fuller in the summer and I now believe it is because of my eating habits. In the summer I eat a lot of ice cream, (Blue Bell) almost nightly. I also eat bigger meals in the summer because I have the summers off. So I have started making an effort to eat bigger meals and increase protein and fat intake. I think for me it will help to give my boobs more fat. If only I could will the fat to right places :-\

I am still using the mediums, they give me the best swelling and it is lasting longer and I love the jiggle that I get afterwards. I may try to move to the large in a few weeks, I have them but just prefer the mediums. I still use fenugreek seeds and make tea to drink twice a week. Fenugreek apparently has some great benefits aside from breast enlargement, so I don't see the harm.
I just measured and I'm 31 underbust and 34 1/2 bust. I am a 34B, but mostly wear 36B padded. I just finished noogling and have attached current pictures.I also posted one of me in two bras ( padded and unpadded). Overall, I am finally seeing progress ( as a slow responder) and so I'll keep pumping away. Good luck everyone!


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Your breasts are really nice but your nipples are spectacular !! Love your areolas and nipple size. Wonderful.