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Progress is looking good :) Just wanted to remind you to massage your boobs before pumping (and of course massage twice a day) and also to drink water while pumping.


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Dears ,
U are using the contoured or the regular large domes??
I want to order but am not sure which one shall i buy


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it depends on your chest really, and after that preference.

The contoured models will find a better fit on your chest especially if your ribcage in the chest area is not so broad.

The standard models dont have that "contour" so are kind of flat at the bottom. If in doubt use the contoured ones....they are more comfy usually.


You do have great breasts and may I add great large nipples.
Any side effects taking BO. also how long did it take to see larger breasts ?
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Hello Hopeful,
This is after three hours of noogling two hours with one medium one large (switched sides after an hour) then one hour both large cups. Trying my best to be patient. Still on BO swansons 6
Tablets a day (two tabs three times a day) I will probably be switching back to Pm once I hit the six month mark. Not feeling or seeing much improvement but patience is key in this I know.
I have been doing Swanson's BO for a few years. 6 months on then 6 months off and the changes are real. My butt has filled out to a very feminine shape with the redistribution of body fat. Weight loss is difficult without lots of exercise. My routine is 3 caps in the mornings, noogle1-1.5 hours, then dressing for the day. In the evenings my routine is 4 caps, 2 hours on the Noogle machine with the double XXL cups. My machine is not by Noogleberry but was kind of pricey and has many functions Programmable for time on suction, force, time off aka known as surging. I generally just watch some TV while Noogling to pass time. Throughout the day I keep my body warm and drink what seems like gallons of water, lol. 4 years ago I began @ 42 A and now I am at 44C and depending on the bra manufacturer small D. My nipples are very sensitive at all times and therefore I generally prefer a sweater type bra so that the rubbing is kept to a minimum so that I refrain from rubbing them myself, lol. With you being much younger than myself I regret that I didn't begin my routine 20-30 years ago, lol. I have been seriously attempting to grow my own breasts over the past 6 or so years now. Your breasts have a beautiful shape to them, congratulations, Rhonda


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I haven't been noogling much lately only a half hour or so a few times a week and I stopped Pm and switched to bovine ovary after a milk thistle cleanse. I may need to take a break and massage though
Loved that black outfit very cute. Make sure you’re adding in some chest exercises too to help project your breast which will make them look larger. And also be sure to add fatty foods that your body can store as fat because your breast will only grow if there’s enough fat to allow them to grow. Amazing story though. Ps I found ovarian worked better than PM for me