Noogleberry Admin Team
Dear All NB users, several members have requested a STATS section for users to post their details and results etc. We have just created this on the front page of the forum and here is the link in case you cant find it:

Be the first to post now!! Please remember to create a new topic for each member posting their stats. They can then use their own topic section to update results ect. Also, please dont use the stats section to start new threads or go off the topic and we may have to move threads that do.

We'll see how it develops and tweak it if necessary as this is a new section for us.

best wishes
Lucy :)


Thanks for setting this up Lucy. I hope to have some data to add there soon.


Fulfilling a dream...
And don't forget to check out the Help system here. I'm a software developer by profession and I will admit SNF (this forum software) has some quirks in it. But I've been finding the help system... well helpful. :)