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New to Noogling, I've been at it for about a month. Slight discomfort around the nipples, but gaining some mass! Right breast is a bit smaller than the left, might have to try to isolate the right side for awhile to even them up. Lifelong crossdresser who would rather have natural cleavage instead of padding! Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Kylie!!!
Looks like you’re already growing! If you want to even out your breasts, then isolate the smaller one now before you go up a cup size. I noticed that it was harder to even out my breasts when they got bigger. Another tip is to drink a lot of water. Especially while you are noggling. This will help with swelling. And remember to take a break for a day or two so your breasts can heal and make more tissue. Good luck and happy pumping!!!


We all want to be bigger!
Kylie - looks like you are doing everything right! Just get as many sessions in each day, with all the stuff you are doing you are only going to grow!! Discomfort round nipples is signs of growth! Keep it up!