I am 35 and have always been uncomfortable with my AAA's. In the past I have tried herbals and creams - and after a few managed to eek out a small A. I came across the forum on nb and decided to give it a try. After 7 days I am a full A cup (after the initial swelling goes down)! Where has NB been all my life! Can't wait to continue and get to B and dare I say a C!


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Hi SeekingC

Well done on your growth so far, that absolutely amazing in the time you have been using it. Your goal post will almost certainly move from B-C then from C-D! You will get boobie greed like the rest of us you wait and see!!!!! Its such a wonderful feeling that we can achieve such fab results from a programme that is proven and natural. I'm entering week 8 now and am looking forward to seeing how much I will have grown (permanrntly) by christmas! that's the only christmas present I want this year.

Happy pumping and keep us posted

Boobilicious XxX ;)


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HI & Welcome to the forum!!!!!!!!
It sounds like you are making good progress on
the boobie department.
Time will tell, and maybe your goals will expand
into growing to a full D, or DD, time will tell.
Stay safe, and have fun!!
The boobie fairy will sneak up on you when you
Least expect it.


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HI !!!!
Just wondering if you had taken A chance using the
dreaded tape measure lately ??????????
If you have time, please update as the curious want
know how much you have grown.
Stay safe and have fun, The boobie fairy is comming around!!


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That's great. With results like most girls are having here plastic surgery will go out the window. Thanks to NB. Keep up the good work. Good Luck x


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I am a new user too and very hopeful, and your post brings a smile to my face! Can you describe your routine?