Rachiex's Pics!


Hi everyone!

Right - I have been pumping since March 2009 and have not put pics or progress reports up...until now! I really think that I am ready to do it now though because I want to concentrate on this as opposed to just fitting this into my life for an hour a day - I need a big change as all my friends have big boobs and I am the odd one out - I want them too!

I have a little project going on. I want to get to a DD (and then shoot for an E) ;) try and get my boobs rounder and closer together (I have a broad chest and boobs that are not as close together as I like), make them both the same size (the right one is a little smaller than the left) and see if it is definitely possible to lose weight at the same time as increasing breast size!!
I am just using NB and have been since last March, except I was on the pill until May this year and I have been taking 5000mg EPO and Spirulina off and on for a few months (mostly off because I keep forgetting to take it!!)

Apart from NB, I will be listening to the Rockmelon ringtone a few times a day (it can't hurt although it sounds a little bizarre!) and will be taking 5000mg EPO, Hydrolysed Collagen capsules and might also add in the Spirulina if that won't conflict with any of the other stuff I'm taking, (does anyone know what Evening Primrose and Spirulina do to eachother??) I might also look up a massage to do before pumping - can't find a good technique to use or a video to show me how...

I'll be taking pics once a month and I am definitely not measuring but once I get a job (jobhunting at the moment), I will buy a 34D bra and then a 34E sized bra to try to fit into...one day!
This is all part of a big overhaul project I am doing - I am cutting out wheat and dairy as wheat just bloats me and makes me put on weight and dairy makes my skin bad. I am also going to tone up and I am using the LegMagic machine and the Lip Pump (over on the Health and Beauty section of the forum)...so I really am doing everything I can to make me look good everywhere...!!!

If anyone has any questions or tips or just wants to chat then feel free to comment...Right, here goes...X

Current size: 34C (going to get properly measured in the new year and will measure size in a month on a bra size calculator). Have only just got my periods back since cutting out the pill (it takes a while to happen) so hopefully this will mean that I will be more likely to grow now - have not been getting aches or tingling like I did before since I haven't been having periods...could be coincidence but I don't know, I'm not an expert, but now I'm back, I will see!

If someone can help me with putting up pics, I will put some up asap...sorry for the long post!

Lots of love x


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Sounds like you have things really thought out. I'm sure all will go well for you. Just be very careful with al the pills. Take smaller doses at first and let your body work up to the amount you want to use

Hugs Mama J :-* :-* :-* :-*


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Hello!! I'm also in the same project.. was thinking about using the lip pump too but i've heard that doesnt give a permanent result, is it true?

For attaching your pictures you have to click in "Additional Options" right under the box u type your post

There you will see the "attach" area, whre you can browse the pictures in your computer :)


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Rachiex !!!

Your project sounds a lot like mine..especially the one about gainig breasts and losing weight at d same time... also i wanna tone up my body , i m trying to get wider hips and thinner waist :p and also tying to even out both my breasts right one being smaller

about the lip pump i heard that it stretches the skin around ur mounth , so not sure if i shd go for it....

I make my own lip plump using clove oil sometimes wid cayyenne in it :D

I was also taking EPO,spirulina and flax seeds but i gained a lot of weight so had to quit them , m now thinking of swithcing over to tropical ceams to add fat in the desried areas

I am gonna PM you too... do check it...

I am excited to have found someone with similar goals than mine

losa luv,


Hi everyone

Right - sorry I haven't posted up pics yet. Haven't taken them yet as I thought I would do them on the day I started everything and that is tomorrow so I'll do them then. Plus the fact, I have bad skin at the moment so want to wait until it hopefully goes down a bit before I take them (anoyone got any amazing skin clearing remedies they can suggest?!) Am also getting a bit nervous that they are not 'good enough' to take photos of! I'm a moderately fast responder but I literally went from nothing (a shop assistant measured me and told me 'you are only a 36a because we don't carry a 36AA...' which has haunted me!) to what I have now which I think is a large C although they don't look like that size to look at them but I think I should be bigger by now as I have been doing it for more than a year but I am aiming for an E and I will get there.

I'm going to post up photos tomorrow - just thought I would check in to say I haven't forgotten about it!

Mama J, Brazilian Noogler and Lily13 - thanks so much for your help and encouragement

Melons - I've sent you a PM - can't wait to get started! x

X x x x


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How so they are not good enough to take picture of? Dont ever say this I am SURE u look great, unique and special!! but i understand u may think nervous about taking picture and posting them, take ur time and do it only when u feel ok, but dont ever think they are not good enough and dont let anyone tell u this


Seeing the girls results in this forum always make me feel more than happy and anxious with the idea of start noogling soon :D


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about the bad skin.. are you sure its not hormonal problem?
i have such an HORRIBLE breakout months ago.. it lasted almost an year and i suffered so bad.. it hurted and even my mom didnt recognized me because so much pimples (I used to have a beautiful clear skin)

started taking birthcontol pills (they just sell in brazil tho and i didnt find anyone similar here :'(.. bought 8 and brought it)

these pills are called Minima and are very very low (the lowest in the market), will never make u earn weight or anything like that
after 4 months i was already much better.. now after 8 months my skin is pretty soft and clear.. just gotta get rid of the stupid marks

but i stopped the pills now and my hormons are a lot calmer (and will keep this way now as my doctor said)


...and also melons - you sound like me completely! I'm trying to get my right one a little bigger because it is slightly smaller and I am trying to get a slimmer waist and bigger hips!! Were we seperated at birth...?! X


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omg ! omg ! omg !! Cant blv this !! We were indeed separated at birth !! i did send you another PM did you get it ? ;D


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Wow, you went from an AA to a C? You sound like a fast responder to me, congratulations, and good luck with the Es!
It looks like you have your whole routine really planned out. It's good to do an overhaul sometimes. I hope everything goes well for you.
Like you guys, I wish I could slim my waist and grow my hips, but I don't really see how to do such a thing.. I just have the tiniest of hip bones. :( Good luck though!