Skin lightening/bleaching in "delicate/sensitive areas"?


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Hi girls!

I've always had a problem with pigmentation in my genital areas, namely around my vaginal lips and um, butt-hole. *blushes*

My boyfriend doesn't seem to mind (well, he's never commented on it..), but I find it pretty unattractive, and would love to have those areas the same skin-tone as the rest of my body :(

Have any of you lovely people tried lightening creams (also known as bleaching creams) on these areas, or even gone to a salon or skin specialist to lighten up the skin tone there?

I've tried one commercial brand (It's called FreshUp) and have been using it regularly for almost 2 months, but I haven't seen any signs of improvement when the site promised visible results in 7 days.. There goes $40.. :mad:

Any recommendations on brands or types of cream that are effective and safe to use in delicate areas like those? I'm considering either Divine Derriere or South Beach Skin Solutions, but both are pretty pricey and I don't want to flush any more money down the drain on scam products!

Any advice? :D

Thanks, and happy noogling! Sorry if I spoiled your appetite or something.. lol


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Hmmm. I have the same problem. It's a personal thing, because my boyfriend claims that my bum area is all the same color as the rest of my skin, but of course, I don't think so. I looked into lightening creams awhile back, and I think my general consensus was that unless done by a professional, it's pretty unsafe, so I decided not to do it. I dunno. That probably isn't helpful to you, but just wanted you to know that you're not the only one worrying about these things!


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Hmm, I've been looking around for a salon or professional that does it but I can't seem to locate any! I suppose my country's too squeamish about these sort of things :/

Thanks for letting me know that I'm not the only one! :)

If any others have any experience with bleaching/whitening though, do feel free to give me your two cents! ;D


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Most skin lightening stuff on the market contains hydroquinone which might be linked to mercury poisoning, certain rare diseases, and cancer. I'm not saying that it causes any of these, I've just read about it all over the place. I happen to have a skin lightening cream containing hydroquinone, but I'm not diligent about it so it's just a tub of wasted money on my dresser :(

For a more natural route, you can try lemon juice. If you leave it on it's supposed to bleach your skin (I think you can bleach your hair with it too). I haven't tried that yet even though it's the easiest and cheapest way to go, haha.

Also try Papaya Soap or Black Licorice Soap. I think it's just an asian thing, because I've only heard about it from other asians, but they're used to lighten skin, because it's a very popular thing to do in asia. I can say from first hand experience that they definitely work, though. You use it like regular body wash (its in bar form), only you leave it on for like 5 minutes, and you can feel the bubbles doing some work on your's kind of itchy, but it's not uncomfortable. The papaya ones are most common, and the black licorice one is supposed to be a gentler soap for your face and probably delicate areas like the genitals. It takes a couple weeks to start showing results, but I've seen pictures of people go from fairly tan to like, porcelain white.

All of this stuff can be googled for a lot more information than I can give off the top of my head :)


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I saw the comedienne, Margaret Cho, get her butthole bleached at some LA salon that specializes in Brazilian waxes and the like. Maybe there is something like that where you live?

It was hilarious by the way, "I feel like my anus just ate a candy apple..." she's sooooooooo funny.......u can watch it at

really tho, I think all our buttholes and putty lips are kinda tanner than the rest - the only reason it isn't like that in some pornos is makeup. personally, I can't be bothered and my man still wants to stick his face in there all the time, so he must not care!!! LOL

it's natural. and when u orgasm the whole area gets all flushed anyways... so really, color down there should be hot....


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Try this place Intertwining, worked for me. I can truly understand you, and it is cheap
Hope it helps kiki x


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Sorry Intertwining wrong site, it's this one x
What you are having is very common. Usually those areas are pinkish on white people and a bit darker brown on black people when they are born, as they grow older, the colour "fades" and it becomes pretty dark. I just ordered last week a bleaching cream myself. I did a research and found out that Divine Derriere is the best one, is is sensitive towards those areas, but at the same time it is the best bleach anyone has tried (so they said). They said that it started become lighter after first-second use(and often they didnt even have to use half of the jar), while with other products they could use an entire jar and nothing happened. I havent tried it myself yet, im still waiting for it in my postbox :D But if you want I can comment how did it go once I get it!:)

Stephie B+

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Hey, there!

I'm new to this site, but a friend of mine told me about, and I though I'd check it out. I'm a total sucker for beauty products (make-up, skin creams, hair products, etc. , etc., etc.), and I heard this site was good for getting opinions on stuff like that. I saw the question about Divine Derriere, and that is one product that I know about, for sure! I've used it myself offandon over the past few years, and I've recommended it to practically everybody I know. My girlie parts (especially the "back" part) were much darker than rest of my skin, and had no real "pink" to them at all. I first tried something called Pink Cheeks that I got from a salon near my apt. in the Valley (I actually had to go in and the girl applied to my b**th**e the first time, and then she gave me the jar to take home - SO EMBARASSING!!!). It didn't do anything for me except make my skin really red and it even hurt toward the end. Then I heard about that Divine Derriere cream on another forum, and I ordered a Kit, and it not only lightened everything, but it actually made it pink for, I think, the first time ever! I still use it once a month or so that the darkness doesn't come back, and it never has. I hope that helps.

My question is about this hair stuff called "Wen". I think that's how you spell it. Has anybody tried it? I would appreciate any information I can get. I HATE wasting money on stuff that doesn't work!!!
Divine derriere works like a charm. I am interested about papaya soap and lemon juice. any updates? how do you use it? doesnt it burn?
Hello there,

I have been dealing with the same problem for so many years too, and one day, my friend (who is a medical student like me), told me that she's been using Eldopaque 2% (which is actually Hydroquinone) to fade multiple small scars on her body, and yes, it works.

I was afraid at first because I have heard so many bad things about hydroquinone, but I gave it a try nonetheless (because I was dyingggg to fade this hyperpigmentation around my genital areas and my fingers ??? :-[ ). By the way, it was her dermatologist who suggested this hydroquinone cream to her. and she said, ''too much everything surely can cause cancer.''

so yeah, I guess it's okay to use hydroquinone for a short period of time (until your scars/ pigmentations lighten), but don't overuse it for so many years.

hope this helps; we are all having the same problem, you're not alone. ::)

p/s : I don't know any brands or fancy names for bleaching creams, I simply go to a local pharmacy near to my house and say, ''I want hydroquinone 2%'' ;D


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Hey guys I was just passing by :).. I've used Papaya soap before only on my uneven and tan skin, I don't really recommend it around or on your genital area because for women, it can cause dry, itchy skin and also give you thrush (it causes an imbalance of you Ph levels) and yes.. it does burn :(...

I used it all over my body for probably 6 months? it does give you significant skin lightening but when you go out in the sun you will have to constantly wear sun cream because you can find yourself being darker than you were before. Good brands I've tried Likas Papaya Soap and Koji San.

For the overall genital lightening area it believe its best to go to a professional, they have all the products and know where and how to apply it ... but if you really are embarrassed look for things that contain; Arbutin, Vitamin C, Kojic Acid, Licorice Extract, Burner Root Extract, Scutellaria Extract, Mulberry, Melanostat, these agents are all Tyrosinase inhibitors.

Hope that helps.