Try Fenugreek seed tea for breast growth and other recipes


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Fenugreek seeds contain a high amount of diosgenin, a chemical compound that's often used to create semisynthetic forms of the female sex hormone estrogen.

This is why when you ingest fenugreek herbal tea or fenugreek sprouts over a period of time, it stimulates breast tissue growth and water retention. The result will be naturally larger and fuller breasts in a short period of time.

Try this fenugreek seed tea recipe over a couple of weeks and you will notice fuller breasts.

Fenugreek Seed Tea Recipe
Here is the recipe for a breast enlarging tea.

* 1 teaspoon fenugreek seed
* 1 cup of water

Press or crush the fenugreek seeds and steep them in fresh boiled water for 3 or more hours for maximum results. Strain the tea. You can drink it hot or cold.

Drink 1 cup of the tea a day for 3 weeks or more, you will notice tremendous results.

Another one, I have discovered while googling

Crush/pound a handful of Fenugreek seeds, mix with castor oil into paste and apply over freshly washed breasts and leave it on for 30 mins and wash it off!

Let me know how you go...



Thanks Gaiaia

Will have to try that one day...not sure where I could get the seeds from though. Maybe will have to try Holland and Barrett...



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yeah, I do not know the best timing of taking this herbal tablet/tea. If you drink couple of this tea daily, should help with the sugar levels. I suggest that you do research on this first.. simply goggle, fenugreek for diabetics.


so if it reduces suger, would it help flattern the stomach somewhat,


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Hi you only need 6 fenugreek seeds and steep in boiling water for 10 minutes and drink in the morning. It does help with sugar levels but you have to be careful if you are taking insulin to control you sugar it can have a dramatic effect. It's ok if you are type 2 diabetes, but you still need to check your sugar levels. Doctor was going to put my mum on Metformin for type 2 but not now because her levels dropped. Hope that helps. x

noogler 24

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doesnot it justretain more water in breasts..i got that water balloon like feeling in my breasts with fenugreek n yes i measured more in 1 month but it went down as soon as my periods instead of smaller vol water retention i retained more water perhaps.isnt it so? it should however improve the swelling with Noogle berry .is it worth taking? and any health risk bcz of estrogen? anybody please?