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still noogling along getting incrementally closer to my goal of being a D cup. So far after a couple of years of Noogling and everything from PM to BO I am growing nicely. I can't seem to be able to figure out how to attach pics from a thumb drive into my profile in here.
I love your breasts. I started last week so mine breasts are not as large like you. I want to know for how long can you keep pumping at one session, Can you leave your cups on your breasts overnight?
took me about 1 year to get here and I love my tits i just put my cups on and ( make sure that you put some oil on your tits lol) and then leave them on for a good 1/2 hour to a good hour in the morning and then do the same at noon and you can do it before you go to bed and yes you can do your breast overnight So if you can can you send some pictures of you beast kevlovs69 ps and I do love 69
I hope ALL you lovely gals and guys find a big pair of boobies under your Christmas tree. Also, hope you all have great boobie growing sessions in the NEW YEAR. Love to ALL.
Hey there,
Saw your post on asemetrical sizes, alot of info here on growth. Pumping one side is probably even easier! Everything will take time and patience but you will def get good results.
Hai, members

I need your comments to go for Transfemme products for my breast to enlarge.Still i am using noogleberry.
Hey Tina, what did you use to air lock the 150ml domes? That looked so creative from the other post!
Tina A
Tina A
I made a plug to put into the tubing. I can take some pics if you need to see it.
I saw it thanks, that look like a good method. I was hoping to do the same but with some sort of quick disconnect. Also, did the shape of the dome really impact growth?
Tina A
Tina A
Hi. I think shape and size does impact shape of breast. I’m not a scientist but I find the bigger and widest cup help broaden the width and help it develop accordingly. The cups I’ve been using are more tapered so I think it’s made my breasts pointy. When my breasts are warm, they are pointy with my nipples being big, soft and puffy! Just how I like them. Got lucky I guess.
Hi, I have seen your recent post regarding your order. I have emailed you via the email address on your account.
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