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Title: To Pump or Not To Pump ??
Post by: Charles Sadler on April 27, 2008, 08:10:37 AM

I came across this forum whilst trying to solve my erection problems.
The difficulty has occurred since I underwent surgery in November last year when my bladder & prostate were removed following cancer. I must admit I did not realise the full extent of the ED problems I would suffer as a result.
I remain highly sexed and my wife is very supportive. Viagra and the like have no effect whatsoever.
I've not talked to my doctor / consultant about the posibility of pumping yet so any advice you can offer will be most appreciated.
Thanks for reading this.
Title: Re: To Pump or Not To Pump ??
Post by: noogleberry on April 28, 2008, 08:49:17 PM
Hi Charles and welcome to the forum. The problem is, the side effects are not always explained in full or you dont always take it in and regards ED as a priority. Its often when you are just getting your life back together after cancer diagnosis that ED becomes more important. Unless you surgery was 'nerve sparing' the chances are Viagra and other such tablets wont work properly and im assuming you have tried taking the maximum 100mg dose of Viagra on at least 6 occasions. If not, it would be worth trying this. A vacuum erection device (pump) works well for about 85% of men and although it is not as romantic as taking a tablet, you can have fun with it and without the systemic side effects of viagra. Your clinicians should be extremely supportive of your wish to obtain a pump and if not, consider seeing someone else. As long as your penis is not deformed than i see no reason why it should not work well. It may be that you have been on hormone treatment for the cancer and you may well have suffered with some shrinkage of your penis and this can hinder daily tasks. Well the pump will also help you recondition your penile tissue and increase it and so you can use the pump as an exericser.

Please feel free to email me off forum if you prefer to discuss things further and i can also help you obtain a system that will work well for you,

kind regards
Title: Re: To Pump or Not To Pump ??
Post by: Charles Sadler on April 29, 2008, 06:01:35 AM
Hi Steve
I am replying 'openly' as I'm sure there are others who will be interested in both my problem and your comments.
Very many thanks for your straightforward advice and support - the latter of which I really need right now as frustration descends into depression !!
My doctors prescribed only minimal quanties of Viagra to be taken in 50mg doses. If I am able to obtain further supplies I'll give the 100mg run a try.
I have an 'aftercare' appointment with my consultant surgeon shortly and I'll be talking to him in the terms you suggest. I have no idea whether or not the surgery was 'nerve sparing'. As far as I can see there is no deformity.
The 'preoperative' treatment was CHEMOTHERAPY based - not a pleasant experience. As to whether that included 'hormonal' treatment as well, I'm uncertain.
Title: Re: To Pump or Not To Pump ??
Post by: noogleberry on April 29, 2008, 10:31:03 PM
Hi Charles and many thanks for the further info. Chemo is often given 'pre-op' for cancer of the bladder and hormones treatment given pre-op for prostate cancer. Therefore i am guessing that you have been treated for bladder cancer and therefore nerve sparing would be probably not be used as it could compromise the outcome. Anyway , the fact is that you have ED which needs treating and can be. The Viagra 100mg on at least 6 occasions would be the first thing try and its the same price as the 50mg tablets. There is no reason why you could not use a vacuum pump with the viagra and i would recommend obtaining a system anyway as it should definitely work. Are you in the UK or USA or elsewhere. The reason i ask is because if you are in the UK, you will be entitled to free Viagra etc on the NHS or via your GP . Please let know and also if i can help with a vacuum system also let me know,

kind regards
Title: Re: To Pump or Not To Pump ??
Post by: Tonka_Taz on May 19, 2008, 02:31:12 AM
Hi Steve,
   This will be the 1st time of actually replying on the forum. So here goes.. I purchased your vacuum pump system a while back now, after viewing the product on Ebay! out of all places.
   Well after reading alot of comments, I thought I should mention that your forum is such a help to many.. well done !

     I have been a diabetic for over 29 yrs... now in my late 30's I seem to have gone through the run of the mill with all of the diabetic problems which occur with long term diabetes. Last April '07, I received a live kidney transplant from my mum - which gave me a brand new lease of life! It has be tough being a diabetic on occasions but it's definitely not all doom and gloom. I am now on a waiting list for a pancreas transplant when /if one becomes available.

Noogleberry  :)  has given me new self-belief. what a blessing. Ok it may not be totally natural in using the pump system but its better than having the frustration of not being able to pleasure and  enjoy sex with your partner. Actually my partner and I both look at the whole preparation 'thing' as exciting and not challenging ??? or embarrassing :-[ like some previous members have mentioned.
  After much experimenting with the different rings I am currently using the medium size one which is great - although I do find it difficult to ejaculate of occasions. This I think is probably due to the diabetic nerve damage and definitely not the product.. Do any other diabetic members have this condition ?
   I have tried many of the well known ED drugs (Cialis, Viagra, Muse, Caverject etc) on the market, some with very painful side affects - an erection for over 28 hrs..(I learnt a lesson - never mix full doses of Caverject and Viagra) believe me it was not good, going to the hospital to have treatment!

  I am now use a combination of both Viagra 100 mg and the pump system method which gives really amazing results and works brilliantly. Also, I use the pump system on it's own, by using the medium ring and the red plastic pump ring attached to the penis, this is great for 20 minutes. Again this was only found out through trail and error.  ;D :-X 

 I am now looking at purchasing the penis enlarger/extender kit as I would like to test it out and my girlfriend who is a firm believer in the penis pump system ;) is now wanting to get the breast pump kit for herself.
All the best!
Title: Re: To Pump or Not To Pump ??
Post by: noogleberry on May 21, 2008, 01:29:30 AM
Hi Tonka taz and many thanks for your candid and informative post. As you can tell from the difference between the breast forum and this one, men are much more reluctant to talk about their bodies but your experience will be invaluable to others and will give hope to many other diabetics.  I ll be more than happy to help out with rings etc to keep you going and also if you email me direct off forum at ;  , i can help sort you out with the items you mentioned. Extenders really work and are now being prescribed routinely in the UK by doctors to treat ED and other penile problems, so im sure you will get good results.  I would advise you maybe to look into whether it will be safe for you to use as a diabetic due to problems with your peripheral circulation etc and the increased risk of infection, but please email me and we can talk further.

best wishes and thanks again for your support,


p.s. your painful experience with a priapism reminded me of a young guy i heard of who got drunk and took viagra only to wake a day later with a priapism and he had to have his manhood amputated! oouch. - you were lucky yours was saved!

Title: Re: To Pump or Not To Pump ??
Post by: Charles Sadler on May 22, 2008, 09:17:11 AM
Hi Steve

Just thought I'd let you know that I saw my consultant yesterday afternoon along with my very caring lady.
The most exciting thing that I must share with you is that I was told that following a recent MRI SCAN that there was NO INDICATION of and recurrence of the cancer.
Moving on the to ED problems, my consultant was, as you suggested in your initial reply, very supportive and helpful.
He was not surprised that the Viagra prescribed by my GP had not worked for me. He advised me of other drugs - sorry I can't remember the name of them - and discussed other remedies, including your pump system - which he said most definitively would work and self administered injections (painful - ouch !).
Anyhow, I now await collection of the prescribed drugs which thankfully are available to me free on the NHS. I'm told your pump system will also be available through the NHS.
Naturally Ill keep you posted on progress.........
Title: Re: To Pump or Not To Pump ??
Post by: noogleberry on May 22, 2008, 11:39:33 PM
Hi Charles, this is really good news and an excellent result. Im pleased your consultant was supportive and im sure this is such a help for you also. I suspect he has prescribed either Levitra or Cialis and take them as with the Viagra i mentioned in the earlier reply but let me know if you need advice. With regards to the pump, please email me off forum at: and i can sort all this out for free. There is no reason why you couldnt use the tablets and the pump together to get the maximum effect at least initially until you recondition the penile tissue. I ll await your email,

kind regards