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Breast & Nipple Enlargement System / 10 Month Update
« on: August 21, 2019, 12:41:08 PM »
I started back in October of 2018 after reading the many posts. I notice there isnít much activity but I hope to start some conversations :)

Underbreast: 26

Under breast: 27

I literally started out with nothing. I was so flat that I didnít have cleavage even when I laid down on my side. I wore 32A but always had a massive gap and unfortunately smaller bras werenít available in store. I bought two pumps and three sets of cups, contoured medium, large and extra large. One of the pumps was broken upon arrival as were two cups (kept leaking air).

I can fit into a 32A without as much gap and even have cleavage with push-up bras! The permanent growth is slow but totally worth it. I suspect my growth to be so slow because I was literally board flat so there was less material to work with. I suspect my next year of growth should be much faster. Although Iím not bouncing with massive double Dís, Iím quite happy with my current results.

I pumped and held for as long as possible for a few days or week right before my period. Iíve tried to snoogle but itís so uncomfortable to sleep on my back. My long sessions used to result in red dots of broken capillaries but I guess the capillaries became stronger over time since I donít have those red dots anymore. I sometimes pump before an event to get extra boobage.

I used the system very inconsistently for a few days every of month before my period when my hormone levels were the highest and had the best swelling. I found pumping on other days did not produce any growth except temporary swelling. I also ate more and gained about 10-15 lbs but started exercising with weights and light cardio to keep my waistline small. I considered to waist train but itís hard to breathe with corsets and Ilike strengthening my abs to keep things tight.

I started out with the medium cups but with the broken pump, it was impossible to keep both breasts pumped so I exclusively use the contoured large with airlock and just resume the breast that keeps leaking air. I was overambitious in buying the extra large, Iím nowhere near filling my large cups (maybe half full on a good day). On a side note, when I started out, the medium cups really hurt my armpits since it was pulling skin from that area. I doubt anyone experienced anything similar since I used to be flat without any exaggeration.

For the next year, Iím hoping to squat my way to 38 inch hips, sit-up my way to a 23 inch waist and noogle my way to 32Dís!

I hope this is helpful! Iíll be around to answer any questions and update this thread either in a few months or a year. :)

Breast & Nipple Enlargement System / Re: Help with Choosing Size
« on: April 08, 2019, 08:17:20 PM »
Hi, I would actually go by the diameter of the cups instead of ďcup sizeĒ. If you are starting out completely flat, the advantage to using a smaller cup would be the smaller surface area can adhere to the cups better for a greater vacuum seal. But you use plenty of lubricant, you can still get a good seal with a larger cup diameter which would be better if you have a wide chest.

Hi Alicia, I just wanted to congratulate you on your amazing progress! Iíve been following your posts over the past few months, and honestly itís quite encouraging.

I started back in October but have had issues with my cups since they are always losing suction... I tried to email about this issue but they havenít really given me a solution. So now I only pump one breast at a time. Itís pretty time consuming and my growth has been quite slow. Although when I first started, the medium cups could barely stay on me and now I can almost fill them. Iím about 3/4 of the way there. I do notice a difference when I cup my breasts with my hands, they definitely feel fuller and heavier!

I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how you are growing so quickly? Whatís your current regime? Do you have any tips? How much have you grown now?

Thank you for taking the time!

- Celine

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