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Breast & Nipple Enlargement System / Re: Help with Choosing Size
« on: April 08, 2019, 08:17:20 PM »
Hi, I would actually go by the diameter of the cups instead of ďcup sizeĒ. If you are starting out completely flat, the advantage to using a smaller cup would be the smaller surface area can adhere to the cups better for a greater vacuum seal. But you use plenty of lubricant, you can still get a good seal with a larger cup diameter which would be better if you have a wide chest.

Hi Alicia, I just wanted to congratulate you on your amazing progress! Iíve been following your posts over the past few months, and honestly itís quite encouraging.

I started back in October but have had issues with my cups since they are always losing suction... I tried to email about this issue but they havenít really given me a solution. So now I only pump one breast at a time. Itís pretty time consuming and my growth has been quite slow. Although when I first started, the medium cups could barely stay on me and now I can almost fill them. Iím about 3/4 of the way there. I do notice a difference when I cup my breasts with my hands, they definitely feel fuller and heavier!

I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how you are growing so quickly? Whatís your current regime? Do you have any tips? How much have you grown now?

Thank you for taking the time!

- Celine

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