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    Boob therapy

    Thank you Emanon for your help! I started lying down to pump which has helped the nipple deviation. I think the fenugreek might already be starting to have an effect. That or all the massaging I’m doing. My husband was massaging me and said he can feel a significant difference in my left...
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    Boob therapy

    Hi everyone, I am so encouraged and inspired from everyone’s posts and I am hoping I will have some really good results as I have seen ere on the forum. I have been noogeling since mid December 2020. But before I get into my routine here is some of my story. I have uneven breasts due to what...
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    A bit of growth in two months!

    Hi James, how would you suggest keeping boobs warm during noogleing? Mine always get cold but don’t know how to keep them warm since they are in a plastic dome...