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    My update with a few pics

    yes, they really doo...... can we see then in the cups?? 8)
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    Subrosias Progress

    OMG that is really some serious growth, YOU GO GIRL!!!
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    Please help, Red Marks after bandaids on nipples.

    relax! , this will pass, and you will be fine, just give your boobs the week off and apply some coco butter and massage the stress away from the skin!!
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    Sigh..... Right. ;D
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    :-\ Traffic here has well, died. I visit breast nexus and, well there are a few rules and other things that I really dont want to take the time to catch up on. So, I'll post my question anyway (because it's allowed LOL) My XXL's will be/are too small now , I've been working towards this...
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    32D please pic journey

    :o wow. she's hawt!!
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    Position of the cup

    oh....and I was also thinking that if the domes had a way to symmetrically attach rope or such to them that after you attained a decent suction you could then pull the cup up and away from being pressed into the rib cage. Or even suspend the breasts lightly while lying in bed. It would add to...
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    Position of the cup

    ;D Hi Frenchy! First off, Welcome! Glad to see another breast enthusiast here on the forum, and even though its not busy, there is still some great stored info here. Also you might wish to take a look over at breast nexus because OMG there are some great successes listed there! Now, to answer...
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    My Noogleberry Journey

    :( no.... your pics are not listed.
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    Formula's for growing boobs

    :) well, my nooglebuddy seems to be on the lamb. But figured out what is giving me that big freakin boost, red lentils soaked in water till thier soft, drain off water and use for Hydronoogle(requires more cleanup that just water and recommend liquid capture cup for this one) after draining...
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    AngelicHeart's Noogleberry Journey with photos

    ;D hydro is best, just make sure if there is air in the cups that it is not going up the hose, you want the water to pull not the air ;)!!! looks good! (i am upset that any people still find nakedness, ..... rude ... in anyway. It's not like your performing an intimate sex act on air...
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    10 month update!!

    That is why pictures are SOOOOOO important, not to post your boobs is to miss out on what has taken place !!! It's so slow and you wont notice till.....wobble wobble wobble ...... ;D
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    I know I so want to SEE a perfect boob day!!! ;D
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    Formula's for growing boobs

    :) I have experienced significant change in short time!! Unfortunetly I added more than one item at the same time and am not sure who is responsible!! Here is what happened, ran out of lube oil, and this large bottle of avocado oil showed up on our pantry, been using that for noogling with...
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    Formula's for growing boobs

    UM ... ps, was it you roxbury that was going with just massage? Whomever that need to look for the posts by a chick called chiyomilk, sorry I don't have time to post links right now, she is a bit hard to find but she is out there. When I get a min I will try to post links for...