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    sliptinge's pics

    awesome, yeah, its time for you to use L domes now, currently am using Large. I am size 32B and hope to reach C or D cups. Do you noogle everyday? I find it hard to do it everyday! My boyfriend come over most nights and I am embarrassed to noogle in front of him.. since he stays overnights. Its...
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    Nik1's stats

    Nik, I agree with you, I do not pump everyday, since I find it difficult to find the time, I noticed more growth when i pump every now and then, Its strange! I do not notice more growth if I pump everyday. a little break regularly does help. :-) Love your breasts and I hope I will achieve like...
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    Dating a Younger Guy?

    honestly, I will mind if my son is dating a woman 20 yrs older than him.. I won't like it!
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    using hot wheat pillow to heat my breasts

    Hi girls, Just thought of sharing this trick with you, I bought a hot wheat pillow from the pharmacy and put it in the mircowave to heat it up and put it on my breasts before pumping for ten minutes. I am not bothered with massaging them beforehand. So it seems to work and they swell up from...
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    Dating a Younger Guy?

    this is an interesting one, I used to date someone 9 years younger, I was 28 and he was 20, we both clicked emotionally and sexually. We fell madly in love.. the only downside of this relationship, I was ready to settle down and he was not.. it took a while for us to realise we were not on the...
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    should I try to fill out the domes ?

    ahhh thanks girls, The X large might take forever to fill it out, as long we are growing from it.. Now I understand we must pump gently and slowly each day.. I have been over pumping and got marking from the domes. I took two days break and its gone. So pump gently will not cause marking or...
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    How soon can I NB after removing implants?

    not a good news, Implants does look very fake, only a very few doctor can do a very good job and make it more natural... the NB does not make it look fake, you can go as large as you can and get away with it :-) take a picture of your breast if you like, we will give you support all the way...
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    How soon can I NB after removing implants?

    Hi dear First of all, congrats for removing the implants, just out of curiousty, why did you have them removed? so its been five months already since you had them removed, I am sure you are recovered? If you are fully recovered then go for it! :-) cheers and best of luck
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    should I try to fill out the domes ?

    thanks for the advise, I understand now..
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    Some Poster Tack/Padding Tips

    Thanks Mel I have tried to mounting tape, seem to work for a while then it started to give me red ring again, Should I use double layer of tape or is it time to replace the mounting tape?
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    should I try to fill out the domes ?

    Hi Girls Just wondering how far should I try to fill out the domes when I pump? It takes me an hour and a half to fill out the L Cups. But I noticed some of you girls just pump to some few inches and leave it there? Or Do you increase an inch pumping each week? Does it make a difference to...
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    my first noogle!

    amazing, have you filled out the XL cup yet? if not, how far did you go? I am a bit confused wheather I should pump until i full out the domes or just do it slowly, It takes me one hour and a half to fill out the L domes which is a bit uncomfortable.. but man the swelling was worth it! :-)
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    Raffery's Pics!

    lol... its ok, too much to read and got the name confused! wow, so you breasts are like that now, its awesome! Id love to have your tits and yeah you just gave me some faith to stick to my pumping every night for an hour too.. keep it up and you will get there.. I heard the breast growth spurt...
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    oodellaly's stats

    Darling, sorry to butt in, but taking those many vitamins and minerals, will just overload your body.. the body will get confused and it will cause a detox shock! It will cause severe mood swings! I am taking MSM and GABA. Thats all I do ad NB is plenty! I know Ive been there and I started to...
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    Nik1's stats

    wow!! Yeah, i think you have been too negative and expecting fast results... u got to let it go and relax, enjoy the pumping faithfully and your breasts will response faster! The mind plays a huge part too.Dr Joe Vitale said, The brain doesnt know any difference between reality or imagination...