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    Understanding your breast's hormones.

    Crap. i'm over 30 so I guess my growth hormones are "plummeting," and it says without that - no boobs. What to do about that?!?! ???
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    Leg Magic

    I'm not really one for gadgets, i hate having to store them all... but I really love and recommend the FIRM workout dvds - they combine weights with cardio and really shape me up good! YOu do have a couple "gadgets" with these workouts since you need weights and a "fanny lifter" which is really...
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    Try Fenugreek seed tea for breast growth and other recipes

    Interesting! So does that mean u can take ur dose after dinner to make less of an insulin impact?
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    out of the loop - just a quick hello

    wow Mumma Bear, that IS horrible! We may be facing the same thing in our 'hood so I totally feel ya - this one property owner died and left a ton of property up for grabs and of course some developer bought it all up and wants to put high rises in our once sleepy residential area ... :'( Is...
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    results for ladies w/ no kids?

    The thing about biological men is that they don't have an estrogen system in place that down-regulates in the presence of too much estrogen, so when they take PM or BO or whatever, they get the dramatic growth. Female bodies, on the other hand, are built to deal with surges in estrogen, so when...
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    how to differentiate "swelling" and "REAL growth"

    Hey Haute, u might have found out by now, but in case u haven't - those are called montgomery glands. mine got swollen too, at first, now they don't anymore - so something to look forward to! Don't pop them tho, please! u could cause an infection and they will go back down on their own... "...
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    Beautifully petite breasts! :)

    Yeah, I've been diggin' the American Apparel models' beautiful flat-ish look! I love that they don't pad anything or act like there is something lacking. They're proud and hot. Check it:
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    Kigelia africana & lipofilling agents for breast

    Re: Kigelia africana and breast I got some KA from African Botanicals - good price, but it's in a glycerine base that really stays on top of the skin and refuses to be rubbed in... so that seems not too helpful. Needs to be thinner or more absorbable IMO. What's in this Aumenti stuff? I'd...
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    Anyone Use EPO, Spirulina & PM?

    Hey TT, good to see you back! It's been a while, girl. Thanks for the Spirulina advice, I'll have to try that.. P
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    white marks?

    Yes I do think these are the famous indents! I get these too, and I think the only way around them is better padding - at the moment I'm still searching for a good remedy to this problem. I think it'sjust4fun's solution sounds pretty good - but you might need to be ready for the xls to make it...
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    Bruise from noogling?

    Wow I never woulda thought of that! You mean the baby cream helps relieve the soreness from the depressions where the rim was? I wonder what it has in it?
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    Fast Responders

    Hey Cateyes, Welcome! Melons said it all. Melons - great tips! Thanx girl ~ P
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    My 8 Month Journey & Pics

    LOL - girl I gots the same problem! My fat little belly would make awesome breast meat.... but noooooooooooooooooo! Mother nature can be such a b****. ;D Glad to hear you have such good habits! At least we know that stuff isn't inhibiting you. And as for "everyone moving right along" I bet...
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    What's the longest you've gone without Noogling?

    Hi you guys, I'm going to work on a farm for a month on the 20th so won't be able to pump (or come to the forum, incidentally). I'm PRAYING they don't go down too much, but I'll let you all know! P
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    My 8 Month Journey & Pics

    Hm! That is interesting! I actually got a fair amount of swelling right from the giddyup... but I didn't notice growth in between pumping until quite recently. I started at a loose A in March of this year and now I'm probably a full A/small B. I've pumped for as long as 5-6 hours before, but on...