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    An introduction and possibly looking for success stories re. DIABETIC ED

    Hi Faye and firstly i must commend you for posting such a candid account - it shows you care a great deal for your fiance and your relationship. He's obviously a very lucky man to have such an understanding partner. Im sure we can help with further advice. Vacuum erection systems (VEDs) have...
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    Thank You Noogleberry, so very much for the vacuum erection penis pump!

    Hi Jack and thank you so much for your post. This will be so useful to new users. Im pleased you are happy with your system and just let us know if you need any help in the future. Kind regards Steve ;)
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    Thank You So MUch.

    Hi Canadajack, and welcome to the forum! That is a real bummer when that happens and it has happened to me before. I would advise typing your message in MS word or something and then copy and paste it but i guess you already thought of that. We would love to read your comments when you have...
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    Loading Cone?

    Hi Xtrobe and thank you for your post. If you are using the system for penis enlargement , then you don’t really need the rings and loading cone. The rings are used to maintain an erection for those who have problems with this. The loading cone is inserted to the end of the cylinder and then...
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    ED pump

    Hi Ken64 and thank you for your post and very informative. we will take your comments on board and i will check the loading cones and modify them if necessary. If you have any problems with the cylinder rings, let me know and i can send you some more. Just let us know if i can help further...
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    cracked cylinder

    Hi Xtrobe and welcome to the forum. The crack may be superficial and happened in transit or something. If the crack was all the way though you would not be able to get a vacuum so thats why i think it is only superficial. The type of plastic that is used is not likely to shatter or splinter so...
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    Penispump inflicting PAIN

    Hi Labtec and thank you for your post. This is known as scrotal entrapment and is quite common when you first start pumping but will improve with use. I would suggest not pumping too hard at first and trimming as much of your hairs as you can and also pulling your groin and scrotum away from the...
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    Doug69b's progress pics!

    Hi, Doug69b has asked me to upload his pictures and words here. Well done Doug! you are progressing really well and we are very grateful to you for letting us post the pics. kind regards Steve "These picture are before and after pumping picture. I been pumping for 8 months now. I pump every...
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    Good Progress and Wonderful Service in 2 Weeks With My Pump

    Hi Jim and its good to hear from you again and your feedback. I have spoken with our engineer and hopefully these small fabrication issues have been resolved. We have now altered the cylinder rings and hopefully you will receive the new ones next week. We look forward to your progress and thank...
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    Battery Penis Pump System

    Hi Mike and thank you for your post. Below you will see that i have attached a copy of the instructions in German. Please be aware that it is not a professional translation as i have used Micro Soft translator so please be aware of this. kind regards Steve
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    penis development

    Hi Giep and thank you for the update. Your husband's results are great!! kind regards Steve
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    cracked cylinder

    Hi and thank you for the info on the cylinder. Im sorry you have had a problem. Please email me off forum and we can supply a new cylinder with a looser fitting loading cone which will hopefully overcome the problem. kind regards Steve
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    Oaktree's Pics!

    Dear All, Oaktree has kindly offered to upload his pics here and i have posted his comments. Many thanks Oaktree and well done on your progress! Hi Steve, I have attached two images showing results with the pump. Please upload to the forum noting how effective it is even with Peyronies...
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    I don't believe it.....

    Hi wonkyone and thank you for your very informative and candid post. This will be so useful to others who are thinking of starting out and are in a similar situation. You may find that as you continue to use the system and recondition your penile tissue, you may be able to use it sitting on the...
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    Hi yobo, there is no reason why you cannot achiece an orgasm once you have an erection. Obviously because the prostate gland was removed, your orgasm will be dry with no ejaculate. kind regards Steve