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    Strumpet's Pics

    Yeahh... :( I hoped if I stopped they'd go back to normal but they didn't, really. I don't have any pictures from before I started noogling because I deleted most of my pictures off this forum, so it's possible it's all in my head, but I think they look really weird. The outer half of the...
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    Strumpet's Pics

    Yeah, I think covering mine but having it seep out the edges is what ruined the shape. Boo hoo. In some lights it looks okay but in others I'm like AUGH WHAT DID I DO TO MYSELF I'M DISFIGURED
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    Strumpet's Pics

    Dude noogleberry makes my aerolas look WEIRD. They're not circular anymore, it's really odd looking. I feel like I should get them surgically fixed or something. Pfffffffffff. I'm taking a break.
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    Acronyms Commonly Used Here

    I think AF = Aunt Flow, a euphemism for menstruation.
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    Its like I NEED to overpump... HELP!

    A pinkish color is okay, but the dots do mean overpumping. Hmm, I don't know what to suggest. And as for self esteem, I think they have as much effect as you let them have. We're bombarded with images of the ideal female body, but it's difficult or impossible for anyone to obtain in real...
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    Barbies Before and After

    You have a great butt too..... stop being perfect! Hahaha. Just kidding, glad you're doing well with your program. :)
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    Any simultaneous BB & NB Users?

    My understanding was that Kelp treats hypothyroidism that's a result of iodine deficiency. The L-Tyrosine is also supposed to support the thyroid (but I'm not exactly sure how). So they're not supposed to directly influence body temperature so much as treat the thyroid, which would raise body...
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    contoured large sizing- sorry if it's already been asked

    My understanding is the CLs were designed as an in-between for the larges and the XLs, so that people who grew out of the larges but couldn't manage the XLs had something to work with. They're slightly larger in diameter than the larges, but about.. I want to say, holding them both up, 2 inches...
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    Notice anything?

    I can really see a difference, fuller especially on top. Congrats :)
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    BOOBIES, life and luster

    Very lovely blog you've made :) I like the background, and I've heard the tip about castor oil before, I'll have to try that!
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    What do you take with NB?

    It seems like most people do best with some variation of the Chiyomilk-type PM regime (taking Pueraria Mirifica starting day 1 of period, stopping at ovulation) or BO, although I think L.A. who used to post on here did Natureday and got an inch or two from that. If you're interested in NBE...
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    What does body type have to do with it?

    I'm ruler/pencil/boyish and have the same problem. I think our bodies just hate having fat anywhere so they're very resistant to gaining breast tissue.
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    Fell behind

    Welcome back :) Good luck with your noogling progress!
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    Its like I NEED to overpump... HELP!

    Hmm, maybe try pumping with the mediums first and then using that swelling, it'll be easier to get the larges on without overpumping?
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    take a look at busty heart

    Oh geez.. I wish she'd donate a little my way. It must be hard to find the right clothing when you're that big!