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    Yes, many tie the cups together with a belt or sash to make sure they are as close as possible. Should be positioned so nipples are centered in the cups.
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    I don’t have any suction.

    Try putting just one cup on, hook the single tube directly to the pump. Then do the other one. If one stays on and the other one doesn't you have narrowed down the problem. Does that lose pressure slowly or does it not grip at all?
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    How much vacuum?

    Yes, 5 is probably minimum. But be careful at 12 you could be doing some damage, look out for blisters, bruises, sudden large expansion, little red dots and even steam in the domes. Any of these and you are too high.
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    Help please I have odd boobs!!

    Are you using contoured cups and the foam padding?
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    Short sessions X more frequency = growth??

    I know women have reported better results when they pumped twice a day instead of one longer session, so I think it is a good idea to try. Make sure you also massage with oil, recommend coconut or almond.
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    Noogleberry and breast cancer

    Many have been concerned, but I have never seen any evidence of a connection between pumping and cancer.
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    Are my boobs supposed to swell?

    Looks like you should move up to a larger dome.
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    Mi Journey with picturs

    Congratulations on your progress. English is fine on my browser.
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    Development log

    Congratulations on your progress. Only do pictures if you are comfortable with that.
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    My boobs

    I don't understand your reference to "her site". It's not a web page, just an email address, use your email program.
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    My boobs

    Have you tried
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    My boobs

    Does your screen look like this? Maybe try a different browser?
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    Dharma's Piston Pumping Movie 'Completed'

    Don't remember the details, but it would be very tiring to do it continuously for a long period of time.
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    Dharma's Piston Pumping Movie 'Completed'

    I think that's the entire video It was just about flexing your pectoral muscles while pumping. I think he did it alternately.
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    Nerve issues

    Nipples pointing downward indicates you have the cups too high or do not have enough lubrication for the bottom of your breasts to slide easily. Your nipples should be centered.
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    Nerve issues

    Hard to judge by pics, but the domes look a little small for you. Are your breasts completely filling the domes when pumping? If so you should go to a larger size. You can use a belt or some other method to wrap around both domes and pull them closer together. You say you are pumping 5 hours, is...
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    Nerve issues

    Quit pumping until all the symptoms are gone. Bigger cups won't solve the problem, You need to move them away from your arm pit, push down lower, If you can't move more towards center (domes already touching) then consider pumping one at a time. Are you using padding? Are you releasing and doing...
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    Damage to nerves and veins

    Yes, you should stop immediately until you are all cleared up. Then consider the options, including padding and pushing the cups lower and more to the center. In order to get more to the center you may have to use one at a time.
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    A bit of growth in two months!

    Some use a hair dryer to warm the dome before putting it on and also a warm towel or hair dryer to warm your chest. Wearing clothing over while pumping can help. Another option, do you have a heat lamp? That would heat through the dome. If you remove the domes every 15 minutes or so you can...
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    Almost 2 months in results!

    Congratulations on your progress!