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  1. tavia

    Lucy..... quick question :-) :-)

    Helloooo ;D Will there be xxl dome soft rings available any time soon. I've been using xl for a long time and would like to see how much further I could go :)
  2. tavia

    Oldie just saying hi, and sharing how i do things

    Hi everyone, It's been so long since I've been here but I have just replaced my cups and bought an air lock so thought I would say hi. I stopped noogling for a long time and lost about 80% of growth, the top of my breast is still fuller than your average, I have cleavage with no top or bra on...
  3. tavia

    Banishing ring marks, updatedpics

    Hello every one, im back after a long time away, I hope everyone is well and having fun time making there own boobies xx long story short... i want to noogle on a regular basis again but i also want to be able to enjoy my swelling as opposed to wearing high necked tops or jumpers to hide my...
  4. tavia

    random advice

    ok so just thought id add something that i found out a few days ago, i went shopping and bought some ocean spray cranberry FOR WATER(NOT JUICE), just thought i would try something different. anyway i drank 2 glasses of the stuff b4 noogleing then sipped another glass while noogling and i...
  5. tavia

    just a reminder...for swelling,

    i dont know about others but the more i swell the more i feel like my boobs will grow, if i dont swell much i feel as though my boobs havnt had there daily dose of suction.. anyway... recently i havent been drinking as much water as i usually do, alot of stuff on my mine so i just for got to...
  6. tavia

    anastasia re?

    hiya, ok so i read on some 1s gallery pic something you said about keeping an amount of swelling in the breasts to help with growth, i didnt know this, i only pump once a day right now and by the time i go to pump again the swelling has usually gone, how do you know that about the swelling?? im...
  7. tavia

    swelling clarify

    ok, so im wondering....... the like of anastasis teeny, philli and any1 who has been noogleing for a long time, how long does your swelling last NOW, is it possible for it to last ALL day or at least mabe 17 hours or something, after pumping my boobs look so so soooooo good and my clothes look...
  8. tavia

    help me, she has cancer

    my 10 year old sister has been diagnosed with non hodgkin's lymphoma , he body is wriddled with cancer from head to toe, my mum said she woke up in the morning and a new lump was on her ankle, the cancer is agressive and is growing OVERNIGHT????? shes in hospital now and starts her chemo on...
  9. tavia


    umm, im more looking for some more info... after reading nadir and and other posers comments about how much pm is in the pink lable pills, i did a search, and theres a thai site selling the pills and this is what it says for the mgs in th epill concerning pm... Advised dosage is 1-2 mg/kilo...
  10. tavia

    soft tootsies

    hi, whats the best creams/methods/soaks etc for softening the feet, and taking the dry skin away, i use a pumice in the shower and my feet are nice and smooth straight after and i use a cream aswell but as soon as i start walking on them they start to dry up and i get like umm dead skin visable...
  11. tavia


    OK, so i posted on the main site about my size increase and that ive never seen swelling like this, i always wondered how come EMANS swelling was so amazing and firm, and how is it possible, but now i know its definatly posible.... anyways.... while getting to grips with my swollen breasts, i...
  12. tavia

    massage hotair bo-boob

    ok so ive NEVER done massage b4 noogleing, ive done a heat pad but not the massage, so lst night i thought what the hell, got my avocado oil out and put a generous ammount in my hands and started to massage my boobs, as i dont massage i just did any movements that felt natural, i basicall...
  13. tavia


    I thought i would open a thread about a friend that Philli introduced us to that seems to give great boob boosting effects, and many of us are eager to try it, even just for its health benefits. Spirulina is a microscopic blue-green vegetable algae that has been used as a significant food...
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  15. tavia


    ;D I went shopping today and went buy myself a bra, i went to a shop that i usually go to for bras, anyway i ended up buying a 34D, omg i still cant believe it now lol. its a gel bra like i usually buy (unless its lingerie for hubby), i had to edit the post as for some odd reason i thought id...
  16. tavia

    oil 4 boobies

    hi every1, i was on ebay and found this oil, its cheap and chearful i bought 1 bottle for myself just to see what its like to put on boobies after a shower. just thought id share, its probably easyer for the UK ladies to get hold of(considering postage)...
  17. tavia

    msm again!

    hi every 1, i started my msm crystals/powder today, i took a tsp with some dr pepper to try and mask the taste. anyway, firstly all you that r good at maths, if 1/4 of a tsp is 1000mgs how much is a full tsp on average, i would like to take between 4 and 6000mgs of the stuff. also this may be...
  18. tavia

    give me some hope ..please..

    ok, so my nooglerbery is definatly working but ive been wonderiing.. my boobs r still saggy, do you think i have to wait until im the size i was after pregnency(expressing milk) b4 they start to look full again and less like stuffed pancakes, i went between a dd and an f (mastitis) during...
  19. tavia


    hi every 1 ok just wanna ask if theres any 1 whos noogled several times in 1 day (more than twice) and noticed a big difference in the size progressing with each noogle. say if i noogled at 9am then 12pm then 3pm the 6pm then 9pm ??? do you think id see a very big difference in my swelling...
  20. tavia

    swiss lamb

    hi every 1, ok i was just having another read through mariahs gallery thread and came across slp mentioned again.. can some one tell me what swiss lamb placenta does please, im going to google it n a minute but wanted to ask any1 whos using it or knows about it. ive been put off from using...