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  1. tavia

    32D please pic journey

    Amazing progress , well done❤
  2. tavia

    Lucy..... quick question :-) :-)

    Helloooo ;D Will there be xxl dome soft rings available any time soon. I've been using xl for a long time and would like to see how much further I could go :)
  3. tavia

    Pueraria Mirifica (PM) - Conclusions

    Bummp for newbies
  4. tavia

    My experience with suction cups

    Bump, A good read for newbies
  5. tavia

    Is this a bruise, the red dots or areola growth?? I have no idea :-[

    Hi, Has this mark disappeared now? I was going to suggest it's just over pumping maybe. I've had lots of marks usually blood blisters, and usually from not being hydrated enough or pumping to hard :-)
  6. tavia

    First day back at if after quitting. Saw a promising outcome

    Wow, the look great. I'm starting back again as well. I've decided to really go for it this time, I want my e cups. I am starting with xl cups and finishing with xxl. First timeusing xxl tonight. Fingers crossed it goes well. Keep us updated. I'm hoping people will come back here and chat as...
  7. tavia

    Oldie just saying hi, and sharing how i do things

    Hi everyone, It's been so long since I've been here but I have just replaced my cups and bought an air lock so thought I would say hi. I stopped noogling for a long time and lost about 80% of growth, the top of my breast is still fuller than your average, I have cleavage with no top or bra on...
  8. tavia

    Banishing ring marks, updatedpics

    hi, no i usually do both at the same time, i only did one just to see how the padding would work :) :)
  9. tavia

    Banishing ring marks, updatedpics

    ugh, i spent the last hour trying to get a suction with the other breast but its just not happening, shame, BIG SHAME...... :'( :'( :'( :'(
  10. tavia

    Banishing ring marks, updatedpics

    that bra is a d,
  11. tavia

    Banishing ring marks, updatedpics

    ok so i went to a diy place and bought some foam and glue and silicon ,. i was in a rush so i did not use the silicon or the glue. i pumped for 20 mins on 1 boobie and this is the result. i usually get VERY deep indentations right in the center but i did not get any at all this time, ONLY a...
  12. tavia

    Banishing ring marks, updatedpics

    Re: Banishing ring marks, no more hiding. i shall have a look for the thread on insulation foam in the mean time. ;)
  13. tavia

    Banishing ring marks, updatedpics

    Re: Banishing ring marks, no more hiding. right ok, that doesnt sound difficult, i just need super glue (is this to stick one end of the insulation to the other ,fixing it in the ring position???) then put filler inside the insulation foam ,then push the domes in to place inside the foam, is...
  14. tavia

    Banishing ring marks, updatedpics

    Re: Banishing ring marks, no more hiding. i have to have nice boobs for summer so am back on a daily pump routine now, i will pump and release softly during the week and harder at the weekend, ( ones choice, i find it works for me) mummabear, what thickness of insulation do you have and do...
  15. tavia

    Banishing ring marks, updatedpics

    Re: Banishing ring marks, no more hiding. hi everyone, nice to hear from you again, and get some feedback, when i first pumped , urm at least 7 years ago i think, i never really had ring marks, at first i had none, then when i moved on to noogleberry i started to get them, my first pump was a...
  16. tavia

    Banishing ring marks, updatedpics

    Hello every one, im back after a long time away, I hope everyone is well and having fun time making there own boobies xx long story short... i want to noogle on a regular basis again but i also want to be able to enjoy my swelling as opposed to wearing high necked tops or jumpers to hide my...
  17. tavia

    Try Fenugreek seed tea for breast growth and other recipes

    so if it reduces suger, would it help flattern the stomach somewhat,
  18. tavia

    My Personal Results - Proof of Noogleberry's wonders!!

    hee hee, 'Lovely jubblies!' lol those words make the boobies sound edible, hmm muffin mounds, strawberry baps perhaps
  19. tavia

    help me, she has cancer

    THANKYOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT. as i read all the comments i get a warm feeling in my stomach (and its not gas), its so reasuring to know there are many wonderful careing people out there. honestly thankyou for taking the time to read my thread and reply, i know i...
  20. tavia

    Best time to pump? when is it most effective?

    i pump for 30 mins in the evening but not because of swelling but just convienience