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    Oh my GOD ladies, my brother came over and was looking for a book to borrow and SAW MY #&*^$%#*&$^# Noogleberry pump and attached cups in my closet!!! And HE STARTED CRACKING UP and was like, "oh my god, what the hell you got going on in there?!?" I was like "never you mind dangit... here read...
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    Anybody have "Gluteus to the Maximus" and want to trade for another ebook?

    I've got Flat2Fab, Real Breasts Real Health (about how to use dowsing to guide your intake of supplements and herbs to gain maximum boobs in minimum time, effort and expense), the Science of Sex (Dr. Pezzi is an asswipe, but the book has a lot of interesting info on how to make sex the best for...
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    Has anyone seen my libido? It's missing.

    Is anyone here on phytoestrogens... and just totally lost their sex drive? My boy's a sweetheart, and a total cutie, and he's over here doin a zillion pushups, slaaaaaaaaathering coconut oil on his 6 pack, playin' barry white albums (lol), trying ANYTHING to get me going... but I'm like *yawn*...
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    Does anyone remember Wenonae (etc) and the whole dowsing thing on BE Board???

    And all that stuff that went on to become "Elegance Elixir" ? I lost touch around then (like, 2005), and would love to chat with someone who followed that whole thing thru to the end to find out what happened... I see that now the whole EE board is a complete ghost town, the EE site doesn't...
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    Could sumbody plz elaborate on the nipple-taping thing?

    Hey u all, I've been noticing a lot of advice for people to tape their nipples, but I can't quite picture it... would someone be so kind as to post a pic of their nipple taped so I can visualize it? Or if ur shy, maybe u could just draw a pic and take a photo of the drawing to post...? It's...
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    Ok - Im confused - does PM cause permanent growth... or not?

    So, I thought that I had my mind all made up that PM was the holy grail of larger bosoms.. but now I've been looking thru some old posts here, and getting the impression I misunderstood the facts - is PM for temporarily swelling the girls, or is it for permanent growth? What is your...
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    Has anyone experienced sagging as a result of noogling?

    Hey peoples, I'm not sure... maybe I'm crazy.... but I think I might be getting a little saggy.... I'll take pics and post after the swelling goes down. But in the meantime, betweentime -- does anyone else think they might be getting a bit of the sags from all this pumping and stretching?
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    Calling all users of the gauged pump!

    Ladies and Gentlemen who use the gauged pump... can anyone explain how to use it? Specifically, what level according to the pump is considered the safest and most productive... or does it vary according to your boobs or some other factor? Eman was kind enough to give me some pointers (thank...
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    Montgomery glands or areolar skin glands swelling

    Montgomery glands or areolar skin glands - do you guys know what those are? They're the bumps on your areola around the nipple... i just looked them up, because mine are getting really big and lumpy and sore... has this happened to anyone else? could it be related to the noogling? or maybe...
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    Is it safe to have such red breasts in the domes?

    Hello beautiful people! I've been perusing this site a while now and edjumacating myself. I'm very impressed with y'alls amazing results and progress, and the sweet, generous, supportive community that is here! I'm convinced it works, and want to order an NB soon, very excited!! But I have a...