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    Mariah's Pics

    Hi guys! Do you know what brand of PM Mariah was using? She posted a link but it I guess it was long ago and it was deleted, there's nothing there. ???
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    lovelyoneanna’s Pics!

    I'm speechless! :o Just WOW! :o There're CLEARLY no stretch marks or any other kind of damage done! This is very important! Proves that one can noogle safely! ;D It also advocates water drinking (a lot!) and "pump and hold" method! Lovely Anna, which oils/creams did you use for noogling?
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    cup size

    Oh thank you, that's a relief :) I think I shall order regular large domes. The contoured ones are even bigger, don't think there's room for both of them on my chest! :)
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    cup size

    Dear NB users :) Please help me determine the cup size. Will L-domes fit someone who is 32 inches in chest size? On the homepage it says L Domes are for those who are 36 and more in chest. I'm 32B or sometimes I wear bras 34B though they're a little bit loose on me (unless they are padded). I...