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    Still waiting...

    Hi Mel, I am sorry to hear your order has not arrived. Please can you email me on with your order number and I will take a look into this for you. Noogleberry
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    why not enjoy a little sunshine with 5% off orders over £30 with code SPRING5 or 10% off orders over £75 with code SPRING10

    March is the month Spring begins. So why not enjoy a little sunshine with 5% off orders over £30 with code SPRING5 or 10% off orders over £75 with code SPRING10
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    Hi, I have seen your recent post regarding your order. I have emailed you via the email address...

    Hi, I have seen your recent post regarding your order. I have emailed you via the email address on your account. Kind Regards Lucy Noogleberry Team
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    extra large ring is out of stock

    Hi, our Extra Large Rings are now back in stock and available to purchase from our online store. Lucy
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    Hi, we have discontinued our Extra Large Contoured cups, but these have now been replaced with our Extra Large Contoured Airlock cups. Same size , with the contoured base, but have the built on Airlocks. You can find them here...
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    Hi Everyone, we now offer our new Silicone Rings. These have replaced our old foam rings and are only available to use with our Large and Extra Large cups. If you would like to take a look you can click
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    Help Needed

    Hi Everyone. We are looking at adding a new page to our website with before and after pictures. If you would like to send me any of your pictures, we will crop out any faces and a short testimonial of how long you have used the system, what size you were and size you are now. If you would like...
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    Dear All Noogleberry Forum Members, We have just launched a new affiliate programme on our website. If any of you would be interested in earning from promoting our products please contact me at Its very easy to set up if you have a website or blog , you would just need to...
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    Hi guys, This weekend sees the launch of our new website. We hope you like it and please feel free to comment with any feedback. As gift from us here at Noogleberry, please use the code NEW14 for discount on your orders. This will be Valid from Sunday 26th April for a limited time only. Lucy...
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    Terrified! Help please

    Hi Iwilldothis, I can understand your concerns but please be assured that firstly, breast cancer at your age is extremely uncommon. Secondly, after 10 years of producing the system we have never had anyone complain that it has caused them cancer. I am not aware of any evidence to show this. If...
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    NEW Medium Airlock Cups

    Hi All, Just thought you would like to know we now have a new cup in stock. The Medium Airlock Cup. The Airlock Cup offers a way of quickly releasing the hand pump from the breast cups whilst still maintaining the vacuum and pressure. The cup consists of a high quality in-line connector which...
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    Nipple Covers

    Hi Everyone, We now have on the website Nipple Covers. We get many customers asking about how they can stop their nipples enlarging. We generally suggest to place plasters or nipple covers over them. This way they do not get drawn in to the cup and will stop them from getting bigger. They are...
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    Product Idea/Request

    Hi All, Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about the rings. We are still trying to come up with the best solution for the rings. It is a work in progress but we will post any new info as soon as we have some ;D All the best Lucy
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    Creams and Oils

    Hi, Just to let you all know that we now stock Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Oils and Creams and we also stock Bio Oil. You can click on the link to take you straight to the products: Best Wishes Lucy
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    MOVED: Kai's Stats and Progess

    This topic has been moved to GALLERY PICTURES HERE.
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    Hydro Noogle?

    Dear All, if you are worried about ruining your hand pump, then we can always supply you with a cheaper type hand pump which wont hurt the bank so much if it suffers from water damage. so just email me …… in the meantime, if hydro noogling proves popular/effective, we can discuss this with...
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    Hydro Noogle?

    Hi Minnie34, the nozzles are normally tapered so it should fit our tubing. you may have to turn the air valve around as its used with an air pump in aquatics and not with vacuums like we do, but for a couple of dollars, its worth a try….. best wishes Lucy :)
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    Hydro Noogle?

    Hi Buxomboobs, the hand pump is excellent quality and I’m sure could cope with fluids, although for obvious reasons, we would not be able to warranty the hand pump against damage caused by this. Incidentally, the company you linked to dont make the pumps. we work with the engineering firm who...
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    Hydro Noogle?

    Hi BuxomBoobs, im glad you are happy with your system! :) If you email me off forum, I’m sure i can sort something out for you with regards to testing the other cups etc ;) Best wishes Lucy :)
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    Hydro Noogle?

    Hi BuxomBoobs and thank you for sharing your experience and great technique with us. This looks very effective and i guess works very similarly to the Bath Mate penis enlargement pump; and seems to produce similar great results! Best wishes Lucy :)