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    Got spam from here

    The user that sent you this email is registered with this forum. I have banned the IP address, host name, email address and user name including wildcards. They will not be able to register/ access the forum again. Please all make sure that your email addresses are hidden in your profile...
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    Got spam from here

    Hello all, This "Spam" has not been sent via the message centre in this forum. If you receive a message like this from the forum - it has been sent by someone who is registered with us and we can deal with them - this has been sent from an outside source so we have no control over it - it has...
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    Forum members especially Kultzu pls read!!

    Yea, I've been so busy I did not see the stick poking fun in my direction! hehe It's now with google, the blogspot hosts, and I have submitted a DMCA complaint to them. Here is what I said when they requested further information: (if you are interested) Hello, The infringing content I am...
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    Forum members especially Kultzu pls read!!

    I think your will find that our copyright notice does the trick! No need for TOS. I am persuing the problem right now! Regards webmaster
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    Jeane : What happened to your gallery photos ?

    Dear All, im afraid we did have some complaints about Jeane's posts and pics and because we use a forum server, we have to be careful that we do not breach any of their guidelines. If we do, they can delete the forum without notice. We emailed Jeane beforehand and discussed this with him and he...
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    Dear all, It would also help greatly that if you join the forum and do not receive the activation email, or have entered the wrong email address or a fake address, that you tell one of us - Lucy or Webmaster so we can activate your account manually or change your details for you. Many thanks...
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    A Silly Thought

    I think you are right! Anonymity is the key to the success of this forum and noogleberry itself! It was a humerous thought though., a bit like the noogle search engine I am developing! A equally silly thought displayed below!! ::)
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    my pump broke

    You won't be disappointed! ;D
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    And just think - this forum was a little experiment of mine! Without my playing around it may not have happened! Now we have created a monster! Thanks to all for doing so! Keep it up! Webmaster
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    We all really appreciate how you ladies look after youselves on this board - it is you, after all, that make the forum what it is. Good or bad we like to see how you are getting on both in life and with the pumps! Thanks again from the noogleberry team! ;D
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    Back again!!

    Thanks alot for sharing your experiences - you make a difference to many by posting your results and your trials and tribulations. I hope the rest of your year is nothing but good. Regards Webmaster
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    You did nothing wrong. It is out of my hands, I'm afraid, private message the user noogleberry, they will explain why the post was removed. Please carry on talking with the others - your input is always valuable. Webmaster
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    Topic Moved - Please post in correct board and you are more likely to get useful answers! webmaster
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    Correct way to care & clean my noogleberry?

    Topic Moved - Please post in correct board and you are more likely to get useful answers! webmaster
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    This topic has been moved in from a board where no-one should be posting! Please place in the right board and you are more likely to get constructive answers! Webmaster
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    Wow! Just can't believe it!

    Many thanks for your post! It sounds like you are really benefiting from your system! Don't say "I Don't work for noogleberry" - it sounds even more suspicious, like you actually do! ;D Hehe! I on the otherhand do work for noogleberry, so I will leave it there!! Webmaster!
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    New to the group. Looking for some friendly advice.

    Welcome to the forum! Thanks for posting. You sound like you need some reassurance! You have come to the right place. There are many really supportive members on here, I don't know what we would do without them - some long time noogleberry users, some fairly new - and of course reliable as...
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    translating to english for cobaya xxxoooxxx

    Yea, thankyou - I was laughing too much to notice you had traslated, language problems can be fun! webmaster ;D
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    I just happened?

    Try changing your translator - there are words it uses that don't exist in english - better still post in your language and we will attempt to translate! Please tell us your language. Please check your spelling in your language. Regards webmaster