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    :-\ Traffic here has well, died. I visit breast nexus and, well there are a few rules and other things that I really dont want to take the time to catch up on. So, I'll post my question anyway (because it's allowed LOL) My XXL's will be/are too small now , I've been working towards this...
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    :( I'm hoping the subject line will get your attention if you ever log back in. You sent me a message at the beginning of the year asking me for info and help. Then you never came back, and unfortunately I had not been active on the boards much this year and never saw your message until...
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    adding supplements

    :) at somepoint, I will post a major submission with all the information I can. But I wanted to offer this little bit now because I think its' one of my best finds so far. How to add supplements in a way that targets specific areas with as little total body exposure as possible. Its easy, add...
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    the only one left on the forums is James.... ::)
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    Formula's for growing boobs

    There seem to be quite a few ladies that have a hard time getting any growth, and after a few months are discouraged. I would like to add a couple of items that really made a difference in my program, and see if it may help you progress. First, swelling issues aside, how many of you have...
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    ;D i dont think my noogleberry worked.... :o
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    cant post any pics...!!

    upload dir is not writable!! ???