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Hi everyone,

I am so encouraged and inspired from everyone’s posts and I am hoping I will have some really good results as I have seen ere on the forum.
I have been noogeling since mid December 2020. But before I get into my routine here is some of my story.
I have uneven breasts due to what I believe were all the x-rays I had to have on my left upper arm from age 11-18. As a result I have asymmetrical breasts. Before I started noogleing the left breast was weak and didn’t have much density to it. It’s a pretty bad imbalance and has always made me insecure about my chest. I became anorexic during my teenage years and was completely flat. I then recovered but ended up gaining all sorts of weight from binge eating disorder which made my chest go from flat to 36 DD!! I now have completely recovered from eating disorders and am the healthiest I have ever been. Lost 70lbs! Praise the Lord! However, the unevenness of my breasts is pretty severe. They both are sagging a bit from the weight loss and none of my bras currently fit me. I’m sitting at a size 34/36 B. And I miss my DDs so bad!! I’m healthier and happier so gaining weight is not an option but increasing breast size as natural as possible is what I am aiming for!
I am currently 26 years old and have never had children. I am noogeling a minimum of 30min a day since December and trying to be as consistent as I can. Sometimes I can noogle for an hour and sometimes twice a day. I have noticed that my breast has become firmer and denser, only pumping the left side till they even out. But no significant growth. I also am having a hard time making sure my nipple is at the centre of the dome, it always ends up pointing down... anyone else struggle with that? Does anything help?
I decided to start taking
1 teaspoon of Red Maca, 3 capsules 610mg of fenugreek, and 3 capsules 310mg of blessed thistle every day.
Have these herbs worked for anyone? Has anyone had any side effects? I’ve been thinking about induced lactation, can I accomplish that with these herbs?
Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated! I desperately want my boobs back, I had a good amount of confidence for the first time about my chest when I had them.
I will post pictures soon on my progress.
Thank you everyone!


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I'm so glad that you have recovered from your eating disorders. As for your questions I will try to answer them as best as I can.
1) I think the nipple deviation is caused by one part of the breast expanding more than the other, in your case the top part of the breast more so than the lower. Mine always point slightly down and to the center but correct themselves quite quickly after the cups are removed and I haven't noticed any permanent deviation. Maybe you can try reposition the cup lower on your body?
2) Haven't tried any natural supplements so I can't help you there.
3) As for induced lactation you want to increase your levels of circulating prolactin, bear in mind as prolactin levels increase, estrogen levels decrease.

Hope this helps and good luck!


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Thank you Emanon for your help! I started lying down to pump which has helped the nipple deviation.

I think the fenugreek might already be starting to have an effect. That or all the massaging I’m doing. My husband was massaging me and said he can feel a significant difference in my left breast. The smaller one. That it felt fuller and firmer. Encouraging for sure!