breast blisters after pumping

Tina A

Noogling is my stress "bust"er. My avatar=My goal
To much pressure. If it feels like sharp pins pricking you, back down the pressure.


I would also suggest to not do 2 hours straight.
Follow Tina's advice. Get to the point of feeling pins pricks, back down the pressure, and keep the cups on for at most one hour. Then take them off and wait for another hour, and then do another 1 hour long session.
A few people have said, and I agree, that there is some value in pumping when the skin is already a bit stretched, but you have to give the body the time to re-hydrate that part of the skin and work on the previous red marks.

Tina A

Noogling is my stress "bust"er. My avatar=My goal
Pressure is the problem. Duration is not so much. I would wear for 2-3 hours back a few years because it was possible then. To high of pressure at any duration could cause blisters, bruising, redness and will prolong the fading cup ring marks. I would suggest that if you want to wear for extend periods, every 30-45 minutes to reduce pressure for 15 or so them increase it back up. High low, high low type of thing. I have tried so many ways but it still boils down to what works for your time table, your schedule. Find what you like or more correctly, find what you enjoy. There is more than one way to do this. The one thing that is the “only way” is, you have to be consistent in your quest to enlarge!! Consistent is key I have found. Figure a schedule and stay with it!! Use generous amount of oil when using your cups. It will facilitate the draw of your skin into the cup better than creams. Oil will last. Creams absorb to quickly. Use the cream lotions afterward. Pump away my friends!!


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Tina A
what were your first signs that your boobs were getting larger after noodling,
no itching, hurting or stretching
other measurement wise
were you taking pills too
how long did it take you to notice and signs of boobs getting larger

Tina A

Noogling is my stress "bust"er. My avatar=My goal
First signs of getting larger?, they got larger. It may have been many months or even a year before you could finally see sustained and retained enlargement. To me they feel “itchy” at times when they are “growing”. No proof, just a feeling. I had tried all the “boob” grower pils over the years but after many hours of research I settled on supplements that are said to aid in the growth and development of breasts. I’ve been doing that for a few years now. Is that what paid off? Who knows, but they are growing! If you go through my whole thread I believe most everything is mentioned.