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This is my first time doing a new post, I hope I am doing this right. I am looking for recommendations for a breast massager. I have looked on Amazon but all of them have bad reviews or no reviews.
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Most of them just vibrate the entire breast, which doesn’t seem like it would be very helpful. You probably need much more pressure and motion, not just vibration. I always wondered why no one ever uses a regular handheld rotating massager for this. You would have to do each breast individually, which would take a while, but it would still be easier than hand massage, if tired hands and wrists are your primary concern. If you want something completely, or almost completely, hands free you could buy one of those upper back massagers meant to drape over your shoulders. I don’t know if you’ll be able to find one with massage heads that are wide enough apart to land in the right spots on your chest, and I don’t think it would work as well as a handheld massager, but it could be worth a try.


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Ok, so this sent me on an Amazon hunt, which is why I’m back so quickly. I wonder if a percussive massage gun might be a better idea. The type of vibration that most handheld massagers provide seems pretty useless for breast massage. A percussive device seems way more useful to me. I may buy one for myself actually. While looking in to these just now, I saw that they can cause
neuralgia (nerve pain and damage) if used in the wrong area too aggressively for too long. They should be kept away from large nerves that are very close to the surface, like the armpit nerve that gives nooglers so much trouble. A muscley man with enough pec tissue to protect the nerve MIGHT be able to get away with using a massage gun on that area, but I think most small women, like me, should probably stay as far away from the armpit as possible. Let us know, if you try this, and how it works out. I’m very curious, and I might post about my own experiments if I buy one.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the cheaper massage guns are apparently extremely loud. Even compared to most other handheld massagers. So you might want to shell out more cash, or skip this idea if you want to be able to watch tv while massaging, or if you live in an apartment with thin walls and don’t want your neighbors to think you’re using the worlds biggest vibrator.
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