contoured large sizing- sorry if it's already been asked


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Whats the sizing guide for the contoured large cups? I know it says a chest size of 34 and up and a cup size of a B, but what's the upper limit? Can you use them for longer than the regular large cups? Again, sorry if it's been asked before. I tried a little search with no results, but I didn't spend too long on it.


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Hi. I wish I had an answer but I am brand new here and trying to work this out too. Been reading posts for days and love all the encouragement.

I am 5'9, broad-shouldered and a 36A. Because my breasts are very wide but flat, i think I need the CL or XL domes. I read the Large are only 11.5cm diam, but my breasts are about 16cm diameter from any direction, straight across, no cleavage measured.....what a dilemma.

I will email Lucy but would love personal feedback from users, realizing everyones different :)

Thx BalllonMoon :)


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My understanding is the CLs were designed as an in-between for the larges and the XLs, so that people who grew out of the larges but couldn't manage the XLs had something to work with. They're slightly larger in diameter than the larges, but about.. I want to say, holding them both up, 2 inches deeper. So yes, you should be able to use them for longer than the regular larges. If your issue is diameter, however, they're pretty similar to the larges, so the XLs would probably suit you better. Hope this helps!


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Just a thought here. But I would guess you wouldn't want them as large as the base of either breast. In another words, if you breast base is 11cm, you certainly don't want too much bigger due to not getting a good and proper seal...BUT I would think, the reverse would also be true, too small, and you will not get a good pull of vacuum.

Just my thoughts.