Discount expired


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Both discount codes FDC1 and FDC10 have apparently expired, is there any intention to reinstate them for previous customers?



There are 3 codes I see, based on number of posts. The first is FDC1 available to all. The other two codes are NOT FDC10. Since you have only 2 posts, I would expect that you would only be able to use FDC1. Did you try that or the FDC10?


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Hi James, thanks for your reply.

I know FDC1 has been provided on the forums, however on the pamphlet I received upon my last purchase, there was an insert which stated that there was a 10% discount for my next purchase by using code FDC10. Now I'm looking to make another purchase and have tried using both codes, both times the system telling me that said codes have expired. Now I'm just curious whether rolling into 2014 has caused this or whether they were internationally deactivated.