Does anyone else get swollen pores that look like big goose bumps?


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I’ve never seen anyone else mention this. I used to noogle many years ago but gave up because I was too thin and too impatient. Back then my pores would always instantly swell up like big goose bumps when I pumped, but they always went back down in an hour or so. Now when I noogle they take hours to go down, and some of the bumps seem permanent or at least very long lasting. I’m certain this is directly related to the swelling, and they’re not just pimples or clogged pores. I’ve taken a break from pumping and started using tretinoin religiously, along with some other basic skin care, and weirdly the raised pores, and only the raised pores, are flaking all around their ages and some almost seem like the raised area might be peeling off. I sure hope they do. I’m not sure what to do, and I’m curious whether anyone else has had these strange pore issues. I pump VERY gently by the way, but I was pumping for many hours at a time.