Doug69b's progress pics!


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Hi, Doug69b has asked me to upload his pictures and words here. Well done Doug! you are progressing really well and we are very grateful to you for letting us post the pics.

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"These picture are before and after pumping picture. I been pumping for 8 months now. I pump every other day. 3 sets of 15 min and have the pressure 5hg. During my 5 min breaks, I jelq then back in the pump. When I first started pumping 8 months ago I was 6.25 inch and girth 13.5 cm. You know whats funny. My wife pumps with me.."



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I haven't been on here for while. I figure give you a follow up. I haven't pumped for couple of weeks. Figure I'' give my self a break and do some change some. I pump for 3 days a week and clamping for 45 min. Clamping made a hell of a difference on girth. I measured now at 16.1 cm on girth and 19.8 cm on length. This is a long progress but I'm making permanent gains. I'm have pack my 2.25 tube, getting ready to order my next size. I'm going to keep going back and forth with the 2.25 to work on my length on use 2.50 for girth. Once I pack the 2.50 I'm going to stop because right now I'm starting to get to big for my wife but she loving it.. :)