ED pump


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Hi all
I finally recieved my ED pump 2 days ago ,,14 days from order, not bad from England to Australia.
Apart from 2 small complaints it works a treat.been using it for half an hour morning and evening and can already see some good results.
I would like to thank all you at Noogleberry for a wonderful product ..It has put some life back in our lives, i know sex is not all there is to marriage, but it does play a part. ;D
Now for the 2 small complains, and they are only small complaints. Number one, the nose cone is just a tad too large for the tube, i will have to modify it so i dont break the tube trying to get it off. and number 2 the rings have a ridge on the inside that will need sanding down believe me they hurt after a short time.
But even with these minor problems i have to say my wife and i are delighted with it
thanks again


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Hi Ken64 and thank you for your post and very informative. we will take your comments on board and i will check the loading cones and modify them if necessary. If you have any problems with the cylinder rings, let me know and i can send you some more. Just let us know if i can help further.

kind regards


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Hi Steve
it wasn't the cylinder rings i was referring to, my mistake, i should have said which ones i was talking about ::) its the retention rings themselves that have a ridge ....thank you for the offer but its fine, i will just get some 1200 wet and dry and smooth them off ..i have to do that with the cone anyway so no drama
But i would like to say again how happy we are with the pump. Life after RP was looking a bit on the grim side until i happened across your site, you are providing a great service to many men and their wives