Exciting pleasures with the vaginal pump*


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Hello everyone! I'd like to share another great pleasure with you. My wife and I purchased one small breast pump cup from Noogleberry. We already own a Noogleberry pump and silicon tubing, so we only needed one more item. We purchased the breast cup so we could try vulva pumping. We've heard that vulva pumping can be very stimulating to the body and visually exciting as well.

The purpose of vulva pumping is to swell the outer and inner labia, as well as the clitoris. With a vulva pump, all 3 areas can be enlarged simultaneously. When my wife's lips and clit swell a bit, she says that the sexual feelings in all these areas are significantly heightened. Here's how we do it:

First I rub her vulva area with the palm of my hand, coated with warm lube. This is a very gentle and slow rub, up and down, or slowly around. This is exciting for both of us and is a good way to massage and relax the whole area. Next, I use a product called Aquaphor. It is a healing ointment for skin that's not as thick as Vaseline, but a little thicker than lube. I put a layer of this all around the edge of the pump cup and the area surrounding my wife's vulva. This area would correspond to the places where the pumping cup would attach to her skin. For my purposes (I like the visual sensation of watching my wife's vulva swell) I coat a thin layer of water based lubrication all around the complete inside of the cup. This serves 2 purposes. First, as my wife's vulva grows inside the cup, there's continuous lubrication throughout the whole process. Second, I have found that without the lube on the inside of the cup, it literally "steams" up. A layer of moisture forms on the inside, causing the cup to be opaque. I just can't see anything. My wife sometimes likes to look too. She can use a hand mirror or just look down if she's propped up a bit.

I place the cup directly of her vulva so that it covers the length of the lips and over her clitoris. The whole cup fits nicely. I start a moderately slow pump and watch her vulva rise into the cup. Her vulva gets very red, or reddish brown, immediately. Her labia minora begin to protrude beyond her labia majora and her clitoris begins to be pulled out from under the hood. Pumping again, the outer lips start to really swell and spread apart just a bit. Here's when the inner lips become larger and protrude out and apart as well. It's like watching a flower bloom in time lapse photography. Her clitoris and the hood are now becoming engorged and can easily be seen just above the inner lips. Every part of her genital area is swollen and she says she can feel her pulse beat inside her vagina. What I can't see, but I feel a little later, is that the inside of the vagina is slightly pumped as well and this makes her vagina feel tighter upon penetration.

Pumping until the vulva swells firm is when you want to stop and just hold it there. If there's any pain at all, you can release the air pressure just a little, or let it all out and start again. Like most things, this can be trial and error, so start slow.

Once pumped to this point, my wife's vulva fills about 2/3 to 3/4 of the inside of the cup. She likes it stopped there and we don't pump or release for a minute or two. This gives us time to kiss, caress, and play.

Once the pump is released her vulva goes down, but not all the way. Her lips and clitoris are still somewhat swollen and are VERY sensitive to touch...in a GOOD way. Just inside her lips she is very wet and stimulated. Any kind of licking, petting, caressing, or gentle sucking of this area will probably produce an orgasm much quicker than normal. Often, I tease her by rubbing her clit and lips for a minute or so, then I pump her one more time. Sometimes, the second pumping can cause her to orgasm, but not every time.

After pumping, any foreplay in this area is intensely pleasurable to my wife. She will be unusually wet and ready for penetration. She LOVES the tight feeling of her lips around my fingers or penis and her clit can have direct contact with me. The pumped feeling can last for 15-20 minutes and then her vulva looks back to normal.

I almost forgot. We did try something the other night that worked famously. We slid a large pillow under her lower back and bum so that her vulva would be up and nearly flat. Then, I placed one of those mini-vibrators, about 4 cm long and 1 cm in diameter, lengthwise along her lips so that the top of the vibrator was situated just beneath (and touching) her clitoris. That alone was stimulating for her. Then quickly, I began pumping her vulva and I watched as the vibrator sorta slid within her lips, but stayed lengthwise and kept vibrating her engorging lips and clitoris. We pumped as normal, stopped, and what do you think ensued? You know...

Vulva pumping is fun, extremely stimulating, and heightens sexual excitement to a new level.

*The vaginal pump cup and the small breast cup are one in the same.