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I'm proud to say, for the first time in my entire life, I am 100% satisfied with my boobs and what they've become! I have grown from a small A to a well endowed DD and at times wear a DDD. So yeah, I'd be crazy to not say I'm happy.
But we all know what happens right? We set out on the journey, have a goal in mind, reach it and then set another one because we just can't be happy...ever! Right!
But this weekend I wore a very cute aqua colored halter top that tied around my neck. It is worn bras less and I just use nipple shields to cover up since its thin cotton.
My lord!! My breasts were stunning! More than perfect! So much so, people would think they're fake. And the looks I got from men was just insane! "I" couldn't stop staring at the mirror! How strange is that!
I'll have to get a picture next time I wear it.
But ladies, this product does work, so please don't give up! I've got the breasts of a 20 yr old and I'm 4 months shy of 40. I certainly don't show it though, not in the least. I've been told I look mid 20's. And my boobs help make that look.


Hey, nice to hear from you again. Glad all is going well. But, you know you can't make a post like that without including a pic!!!


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That's awesome Jezabelle! You give me hope ! Can't wait to see your newest pic! It's a long journey but totally worth it. Thanks for inspiring me not to give up, sometimes it's frustrating but there is no denying that it does work. I just need to be patient. Can't wait till the day I'm 100% satisfied with my breasts


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I know, I've got to get a pic this weekend. I want someone other than me to take it. But it really is amazing! I bought this shirt 6 years ago and had to wear a multiway push up bra with it just so it looked somewhat decent. Now? No bra and it looks better than I ever could have imagined. I promise a picture is coming!


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Wow! That's super exciting! does that mean you're finished with noogleberry or is there still more boobie greed? lol


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That is totally awesome. Congrats. I just got mine a week ago and am just starting my journey so I'm hoping I can have half the success that you had.


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Jezabelle.... incredibly exciting for all of us Newbie Noogleberry users and Dreamkist, you have beautiful breasts... is that from Noogleberry or blessed with your size/shape? I'm hoping to Noogleberry to your size!

Thank you for inspiring us!!